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Creating a Screen Saver on Window

-I sure that you knowns many about Screen Saver (SS), i summarize this : SS is a windows application, SS run when meachine is idle after given period is installed.
When SS running, it will run with fullscreen mode.
-You can configure SS through Setting dialog, this dialog is called when user clicked on Setting button on Display windows.
- To build a SS, you must define three function:

   LRESULT __stdcall ScreenSaverProc (HWND,UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM );// process messages have sent to SS, similar Window Procedure
   BOOL __stdcall ScreenSaverConfigureDialog (HWND hDialog, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)// process messages of dialog Setting.
   BOOL RegisterDialogClasses(HANDLE hInst) // this function is only return 1.

- With a Window Procedure of application, if you dont process any message, you must call DefWindowProc to process it, but with SS
- You shouldn't define WinMain function, you will get a error if define it, because this function have defined in scmsave.lib
- ID of dialog Setting must be 2003

   #define IDD_DIALOG1 2003

I will guide you create a ScreenSaver which show a ball and move it on screen. User set speed for this ball in setting dialog.

First, you must create a project Win32 Windows Application(with Visual Studio IDE) or Win32 GUI project with anaother IDE, this guidence i use Visual Studio.And i only discribe my source code, you have to check clearly my attached file.

+ Add a dialog setting for SS,
+ Add a ball bitmap into resource
+ in code, we create a struct MyBitmap for hold information ball bitmap.
+ Init function will call to initialize MyBitmap struct.
+ LoadInfoOfBitmap,SaveToFile function to save and fetch speed of ball.
+ ScreenSaverProc function recive a message sent from queue-system message, and process it. four message we must process are WM_CREATE,WM_TIMER,WM_ERASEBKGND,_WM_DESTROY.
+ ScreenSaverConfigureDialog function recive a message from queue-system message to Setting Dialog.

Second, you complie source code and get a PE file, rename file type from .exe to .scr. copy & paste this file into C:\Windows folder, must remain this filename

Third, at Screen Saver tab (Right-Click on Desktop-> choose Display->Choose tab Screen Saver), looking for a ScreenSaver type at drop-down box which have same with filename above, if you found it, you are successful.
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