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how to impress a gal

i like her alot and i want to express all my feelings that i love her but i cant cos im not sure whether she likes me or not. we had met just a couple of weeks back and one day we chat on facebook and she asked me whether i like to go out with her just for roaming and so i took her out for shopping and the next night i text her indirectly that if she can guess whom i misses so badly now n she replied "may be me"n she laughs so that same night thinkin that she might like me so i text her "what will be ur response if i say i like you" but she replied shut up go to sleep and also she said that she doesn't want anythng from me other than i couldnt even faced her after that but i call her at times iam confused now whether she really likes me or not so if anyone can tell me what to do to get her? should i take her out for a dinner ? anyone please help me ill be gratefull to u..Smile
Hmmm, I can imagine that the situation is confusing to you. Fact is that she told you that she wants to just be friends with you. As such, I think it is safe to assume that, at this point, she does indeed just wants to be friends with you. Of course this is not to say that this cannot change.

If you really like her and want to let her know how you feel then, yes, you could ask her out for dinner. You could also go and have a drink first, though. This is a little less serious, but can also be done as friends so that may leave you even more confused. In the end, I think asking her out for, say, dinner is the best way to find out if she does have feelings for you.
Very good, came with them to learn.
Always wearing good clothes.
Just be yourself.... impress her by being a good man, with good intention, be reliable and sweet...

ALSO you should buy her a star!!! and name it after her!!! that is quite romantic.
you could make sure she is in 2 different coutries at the same time? if you live next to a border...
there is a million ways.... keep it simple and make her feel like she is unique.
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