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if you had last 24hours life....

what things would you like to do the most?
Apologise to my enemies. Salute my Friends. Be with my girlfriend. And play Guildwars one last time RazzRazz
I'd probably tell everyone i know i'm going on a weekend trip, then book a flight as far away as i can find. then destroy my passport so nobody can identify me.
my last 24h... party, party and party!!! id go out with my friends, get drunk and joined... and thats all!
er.....difficult to think about this..... Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
I would like to do what I want to do
and has enough time
no matter happens Arrow
It depends...
What exactly will happen after 24 hours?
do something I dare not do in usual.....
Last 24 hrs..? I will go around killing people I hated most.. Since this is my last 24 hrs.. lol..
fly to Switzerland to be with someone i miss.
I will go home,and tell my father:I love you father~
I would party like it was 1999!
Try and start a riot steal Game stations like - PSP - Xbox 360 etc. sex, then go out get pissed get so incredible high, have a bit more sex, then play on the xbox while incredible high, then jump off the highest building I can find. (Always wanted to fly)
Well is sounds stupid but I would flirt with every girl i knew... and try to have sex with every girl i flirted with... Im not very good at walkin up to girls and flirting with them and instantly they wanna do me like some guys... Im good at meeting a girl getting to know her get her phone number call her that night talk for 2 hours... call her back in a day or more get to know her some more... meet her again give her a hug and a kiss goodbye... start to have a relationship with her... really love her... then have sex... so it would be fun for me to figure out this flirting and instantly have sex... if its even possible lol i dunno thats like a different world than how i live.
KILLING SPREE!! I'm serious though, anyone ever watched the flash? Well first make out with the girl I like then punch my enemies in the face!!!
wow 24 Hrs to live. I would probabbly rob a bank and hold a huge party for my family and friends.

It would sorta stink if I got arrested robbing the bank tho lol
If i have enough energy, i would go out everywhere i want to go, maybe go travel or else, meet some good friends.
If I dying ,do not have energy, just lying on the bed. i may tell my sons everything i havent told before.
i'd play Americas Army for the whole 24 hours lol. :p
why everyone like the topice about death you want to die?..
criticaldensity wrote:
fly to Switzerland to be with someone i miss.

what of the flight is above 24 hrs ha?
lolz hehehe hahah! Very Happy Razz

i would probably epologies to all and kiss every beauty girl in school to death (funny if at the end i wont die haha what a shame)
at least i would have fun Wink

or i would tell everyone to party cos im going to die
Lols..ill be happy and do nothings juts wait that hours to come..hehehehhe lol all..!!
budazz wrote:
why everyone like the topice about death you want to die?..

Yeah, I thought I was the only one to noticed such..Hehehe. Our General Chat turned to be creepy by serveral topics such as "death, afterlife, to live for the last 24 hours"...

Just to comply, hhmm.. maybe I spend to whole time with my close ones..

Now, I feel goosebumps.. Mad
:: Proud to be
Being pessimistic ain't good Sad

Well, I would want to go about all the websites I go, saying I'm going to die and etc. Then paly some games. Talk to my friends, and maybe give my gaming accounts away and etc..
budazz wrote:
why everyone like the topice about death you want to die?..

because i have a oral practice,
this's my oral topic...........
i have no idea about it......
so.....i think everybody here can help me
As it says in the story about a man who had 2 weeks to live..

"I would take the most funny films/books and just laugh to death."
i wud probably want to be with my family and my frnds for whom i really care.
budazz wrote:
why everyone like the topice about death you want to die?..

I'm much more suprised by the number of people who want to kill someone else before they take their last breath.
maybe there are people who deserve to die, but why should i care? in less then 24hours i won't have to live with them anymore.
me?? simple.. i would tell all my family how much i loved them though it is not evident and then i will spend the remaining time with the person whom i really loved the most (she has no idea how much i love her) and tell her that i relayy loved her eversince and that i wish her all the happiness this world can offer.. Very Happy
Actually it's a very good question. I think i'll fu-ck every girl in the universe. At leat i'll die happy XD.
two words: Ferrari Dealership. and steal. so thats three words. steal [from] ferrari dealership. Very Happy
of course there would be the crime spreee too. wouldn't kill anyone, maybe shoot people in the limbs though. Basically i'd steal a whole bunch of stuff from everywhere.
Paul Knight
Spend 24 Hours finding a Magic formula to cheat death Mr Burns style. Twisted Evil
johnyfitz wrote:
two words: Ferrari Dealership. and steal. so thats three words. steal [from] ferrari dealership. Very Happy
of course there would be the crime spreee too. wouldn't kill anyone, maybe shoot people in the limbs though. Basically i'd steal a whole bunch of stuff from everywhere.

It's a sin. What would you say to god? XD
first, I will tell all those people whom i love that i love them. like mum, dad, girlfriend.
see my last sunrise and sunset.
get a car and go drive as fast as i can.
eat all the food that i love to eat.
have as much sex as i want
tell all my enemies that they are all forgiven
distribute all my assets
lastly, i would want to die on a yacht in the middle of the deep blue sea, under the stars
heh heh
Make love with asian twins. Cool
i would like to spend all time with those whom i love most. viz. my family and friends. would like to tell the special one the unspoken words which i could never tell her due to lack of courage or fear of rejection.
and make a will to donate my body organs for those who need it after i die. viz. eyes, and any other.
i would like to travel to north pole to feel the life at there
I would freak out ! I will not have time to thinks.. I dont think anyone can think straight in this condition. You will need at least 48 hours to let the news sink and only then you can have a clear mind and think straight.

But in other hand, you will either relief that you have nothing more to worried about or you might start thinking about all the thing that you should have done in your life.

But I think most people will just freak out and their mind will be blank....
If I will only have 24 hours left in my life, I will do 3 things. First, I would tell my parents and friends that I love them, second is that I will ask for forgiveness for those I've hurt and lastly is to go to Church and pray to God. Wink
mistuh griddlez
I'd live my life as I normally would except i'd tell my family that I love them twice as much....and I would skip school....

I'd also hold a FRIH$ giveaway! Very Happy

I'd also cook a pack of bacon (mmmm....haven't had bacon in like a few days.... Very Happy )

But I'd also watch my favorite movies and listen to my favorite music.

I'd pretty much just spend the day at home and invite my closest friends over...
Hmm, I would spend a great deal of time with those I love. Dance like nobody is watching, sing like no one can hear, and last but not least tell the people that stay behind not to do some depressing funeral. Party! I loved my life, but I would be ready to go on, if it really came down to 24 hours! Oh yeah, I'd tell a few select people to get the sticks out of their butts and cut loose! Laughing
- try out all drugs
- do party
- rape
- steal a nice car and drive around with it

hm... that would be a nice end!
I'd meet my loved ones and tell them how special and how much I love them. I'd go net surfing and visit my forums and message my online friends. I'd go to a place with a really nice sunset view, and an overlooking place. I don't mind dying there.
I'd just chill with my girl. nothing more, nothing less.
I would go assault a person that I hate extremely. Then I would propably write on some forums that I'm going to die and tell my family and friends. Then I'd jump of a high building (which would be the reason for dying within 24 hrs).
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