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After over two years in development, the final version of 2.0 has been made available for download. The productivity suite offers a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation builder and a database -- all for free and available in 36 languages for Windows and Unix based platforms.

Perhaps the most notable addition in 2.0 is support for the OASIS OpenDocument format, which could prove to be the first true rival to Microsoft's proprietary Office formats. OpenDocument is a completely open standard that has been chosen for use by several countries and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Base, a new database component for creating self-contained cross-platform database applications based on Java, also makes its first appearance in 2.0. The Calc spreadsheet component of the suite has been upgraded to support up to 65,536 rows of data.

Other major features in version 2.0 include a completely redesigned interface that provides multi-pane views, floating toolbars and native desktop integration, all which mirror elements of Microsoft Office. PDF support has also been vastly improved to offer new export options.

Although is open source and built by a community of developers, its progress has been backed by Sun Microsystems, which sells a version of the suite as StarOffice, Red Hat, Intel and Novell.

" is on a path toward being the most popular office suite the world has ever seen; providing users with safety, choice, and an opportunity to participate in one of the broadest community efforts the Internet has ever seen. As a member of that community, I'd like to offer my heartiest congratulations," commented Sun's President Jonathan Schwartz.

But trying to convert Microsoft Office users will be a gargantuan task for new, even with better compatibility and lack of a price tag. The 2.0 release does, however, improve the office suite filters used for importing Microsoft documents and adds support for Corel WordPerfect documents.

Even with a long road ahead, developers are celebrating today's accomplishment.

" 2.0 is the culmination of a collaborative process involving thousands working in dozens of languages everywhere in the world," said community manager Louis Suárez-Potts. "It shows that open source can produce software of the highest quality and assure the robustness, usability and security that users expect in their office suite."

Download 2.0 for Windows or Linux, and tell us what you think! windows linux
Just got the email today and downloaded it Smile
The main thing that encouraged me to switch to is the PDF Export support. That is very, very useful! It is rather large for those of us on dial up, but it is a great alternative to Office and for free, everybody should go out and get it and let Microsoft catch up to the open source and freeware that everything should be.
I use it on Linux. I will update it now!
I like it very much because we can change if we want the wrong words underlined very quickly.
Good news. I will upgrade my Open office to 2.0 version.
Anyone who downloads this, does it load faster than the old version of Openoffice? the load times always got to me on previous versions...


webbone use quotes when posting things like that, or you'll get banned for spamming... just a heads up...
Finally! I don't really use it very much anymore since I got other things on my Mac, but on the rare occaision I'm on Linux or windoze then that's what I use. Smile
I can officially back Open Office software :p I use it at home recommended it to the IT teacher at school and now the school has booted Microsoft office off the network and installed OpenOffice on all systems. This should also flow into people at home changing over for convienience in transferring files between school and home.
I'm using the portable version of it.
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