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Nokia E6: Touch-and-type handset now available in India

Nokia the world’s leading mobile phone supplier has yet again come up with the first Nokia handset based on Symbian Anna OS. It has always focused on producing handsets for the masses and it gives a tough competition to all the other manufacturers.

Nokia E6 is termed as the hottest new Smartphone and is now available for preorder on a Nokia India’s website as well as on It boasts an improved battery life of 14 hours of talk time. It features a dual camera; 8MP dual LED flash rear camera and front facing VGA camera for video-calling.

The Nokia touch and type business phone features a QWERTY keyboard with a 2.46 inch display having a 640 x 480 pixel dimension and weighs some 133g.

Nokia E6 is available for pre order on Nokia India’s website and it will cost 17,999 INR as mentioned in the website. It is also available on for $446. Even one can go to the nearest Nokia priority store and pre book the phone by paying Rs 2000 for securing the deal. It will be shipped in one or two months. One can even pay in 3 months installment. It will be available on stores from 15th July 2011.

My verdict-

I myself feel that Nokia handset lovers would love Nokia E6. So it is a much awaited handset and the expectations are also very high as this is the 1st Symbian Anna Handset for Nokia phone lovers. The price is not too high so you don’t need to think twice before purchasing this phone. So now let’s cross our fingers and wait 4 the phone to come to the stores.
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