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Domain Controller Promotion

Domain Controller Promotion

from my Blog 'Nguyen Vu Long',
I) Introduction to Domain :

- In workgroup : Data and Policy stay on computers, if you want to make a change - you must change each of them . Imagine that you company has a hunred computer, you want to add a user and this user can log on every computer => You must do a job create a same new user 100 times ! to 100 computers . Absolutely it's not time-efficient, and very boring job .

- So Domain saved the world - It is a model which data is stored in 1 computer. Now you just create a new user on a Domain - so he can log on every computers on that Domain.

Domain Controller (DC) : a computer has been installed Active Directory Domain Service and has a responsibily to manage Domain system .
A computer can be a DC if it meets these requirements :
- Using Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008)
- DNS Server .

Domain Member (Windows workstation - Windows XP, Windows 7 ...) & Member Server (Windows Server : 2003, 2008 ...)
- A computer joins to Domain system will be managed by DC
- This computer must have Windows operating system newer than Windows 95 .

II) Upgrade windows server to Domain Controller :
2 steps :

- Configure IP and DNS (as usual, we configure DNS the same with IP address of this computer - It's also a DNS Server)
- Start> Run> DCPROMO - hit Enter.

Please wach my video ^^

III) Join a computer to Domain :

IV/ Domain Environment :

To manage user/group and other object in Domain, we use tool called : Active Directory Domain User and Computer in Start> Administrative Tools or Start > Run> type : DSA.msc .

Creating a new user, you need to provide a password meet complexity with 7 characters, capital, number ...

As a member user of a Domain, user can log on any computer in domain except Domain Controller (Only Admin can do that).

(But you can change a Policy in User Right Assignment to Allow logon locally)
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