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[TV] Person of Interest

I saw that there wasn't a thread about this tv series yet, so I decided to make one. Surprised

Person of Interest

(From left to right: Mr. Reese, Mr. Finch (although it's doubtable that that is his real name Razz ), (Sgt./Detective) Carter

Wikipedia wrote:
Person of Interest is an American television crime drama broadcasting on CBS. It is based on a screenplay developed by J. J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan.[1] The series revolves around a former CIA agent (Jim Caviezel) recruited by a mysterious billionaire (Michael Emerson) to prevent violent crimes in New York City.


John Reese (Jim Caviezel), a former Green Beret and CIA field officer, is living as a derelict in New York City after an unspecified incident which left him presumed dead. He is approached by Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), a reclusive billionaire who is also presumed dead and living under an assumed identity. Finch explains that after 9/11, he built a computer system for the government which uses information gleaned from omnipresent surveillance to predict future terrorist attacks. Finch discovered that the computer was predicting ordinary crimes as well. While the government was not interested in these results, Finch became interested in making sure that the crimes which were predicted were stopped. He hires Reese to act as the muscle and conduct surveillance. Through a back door which Finch had built into the system, the two receive a social security number for someone who will be involved in an imminent crime. Without knowing what the crime will be, when it will occur, or even if the person they're after is a victim or perpetrator, Reese and Finch must try to stop the crime from occurring.


With that said, I can give my opinion now. Razz Although the show made a slow start with not a lot of plot evolving, I kept watching and the show got indeed an awful lot better (it's one of my favorite running tv series atm). I started to like the show after about 8 episodes or so and now I look forward to every episode to learn more about this mysterious Mr. Finch and his relation with the deceased Nathan Ingram and also the investigation of Mr. Reese in Mr. Finch although they're partners.

It's also nice to see a 'bad guy' in multiple episodes, like Elias. This wasn't the case in the beginning and made the show look like a 'case to case'-tv series (something like CSI or NCIS). I could probably go on for a while but that would probably ruin the first 20 episodes if you haven't seen it yet.

So what are your thoughts about this show?
i started to watch, but i didnt like it at all... i dont like both of two main actors
Thanks for sharing, it doesn't sound interesting to me Laughing but i might evetualy give it a try. Who knows it may even be a good one.
well i watch only its one episode which is like so much and really this is a nice tv show so i must appreciate Person of Interest tv a lot and thanks you share it with community of this forum
I would definitely recommend this series. I watched all episodes, and waiting for the episode 20 (will air tomorrow).
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