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Starting your life all over again

If you could start you life all over again, what would you do differently? Me personally I wouldn't change a thing. Everything that I've gone through in my life I have learned from. It's made me a better human being because of it too.
exactly, you don't learn anything unless you go through with it. I just finally got that fact over tonight, asked a girl to homecoming, heh, turned out pretty good Very Happy
I don't know what I would be
as I couldn't know what I am now Wink
pfft send yourself notes from the future Wink hehe, yeah well I don't think even knowing everything I could do much to change things, 'tis life, oh well.
um i think i would keep my lessons that i learned in life, but try to change it a bit. maybe study harder in school, try to do more with my life and maybe helping out people more often.

well thats what i would change and keep if i changed my life. nice thread.

See Ya
Some actions, my study and my ex-girlfriend how suicided...
Somethings dont cure with the time, only if us could restart our life
I always studied hard and passed all my exams, became an engineer and now struggle to keep my cool in a world of unnecessary pressure.

I would get a basic education, become a postman and retire as soon as posible.

To late now though.

I want to learn computer,not law.
I think that it is my real life
I don't think I would want to change any of the experiences that I've lived through, perhaps I would change the way I've reacted to others though, especially the times I've hurt or upset other people.

All the bad things in my life have been good in one sense though because they've allowed me to truly appreciate the beautiful times - Can't understand heat without feeling cold! Smile
Agent ME
I always joked to myself -- if I died, would my life resume from last checkpoint or restart like a videogame? I mean, I've never died before, so I wouldn't know. No one else has ever reported this happening, but then in videogames, the game doesn't restart when enemies die. (Yeah this last part sounds extremely egotistical - I'm only thinking about that jokingly.)

If I went back, I'd probably take a few lessons into account to make a few certain years easier, but I'd mostly like to get to where I am now the same way.
I wouldn't want to live my life all over again but i'd definitely like to make a few tweaks here and there so that i can avoid a few things. I kinda believe that no matter what you do you end up at the same position as in no matter which road you select. So I'm not really sure if my tweaks would work!!
i would change everything. there are lots of things i would do differently. being more social would be on the top of the list, second would be taking school much more seriously. third would be going to a community college before going to a 4 year university to save some money.

there are lots of things that i wish i could take back or do over. sadly life just isn't that forgiving and you must live with your mistakes/regrets.
at 16, failed my school qualifications

went back to school got GCSE`s, a whole load of other stuff BTECs, CISCO while in nightschool

Wish i would have just thought F*** it. Golf for me lets go make a million dollars or die trying

Im no waiting until im 50 to go on senior tour only 16 years to go!
I know the generic answer here is the whole "ohh I wouldn't change a's made me who I am..." but I think that there are always SOME things which could have been changed. Like maybe I would have tried to develop better study skills when I started college and so wouldn't be in the mess that I am now (barely keeping up with work, barely doing well enough to keep my scholarship, etc.)
I think most people wouldn't want to change a thing cause they are use to their life at that point. The downside/upside statistically would be too foreign or undesirable. However that's really fiction. Unfortunately people are just too use to the thing around them to want a change that make their lives different than what it is. Change is impossible for most people.
I would not be as strange.

And tell my mom she had a brain tumor as soon as I could talk.
i don't know what i'd be if i start my life all over again, perhaps i'd stumble to the same experiences again, or live a whole new different life, but I care little. I honestly love the kind of person that i am right now. thanks to the many good and especially bad experiences i've had.
I would try really, really hard to remember the lotto numbers from last time.
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