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Minimum Character or Word Limitation for getting points

I have seen from last few months users are just having short post of single line or having few words only (i have lots of example for such type of posts), those are seems like a spams.

I think there should be a need of minimum word or character limitation that make post to be counted by system (post count and points ). That may stop those single lined spammers and less work for moderators as well.
Most of the time the spammers are actually spammers and the accounts are deleted or banned because they are truely spammers. There are people who post one liners, but they don't get that many points for it. I think there should be something written into law because Dean, ICT, Vanilla, Myself(sometimes), and there are probably others that I didn't mention who write very long replies and we only get five points. But we aren't exactly complaining.

I don't truely see the need for an implementation of what you suggested for the time being.
Ghost Rider103
That's actually a very good idea.

If there was a character limit to start gaining points for that post, I think that would cut down hugely on the one liners.

This would also possibly cause some people falling behind in points fairly easier, but it would make points more valuable, making coins more valuable. Ultimately increasing everyone's attention to make longer posts.

Or we might just see more people adding smiley's to extend the character count. Theirs another idea. Let's make the smiley's not count towards points. This would stop people from putting 20+ emotes in their posts. (happens often, but they get removed).
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