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Few tech tips

Source from my blog :

How to clear Screen in Command Prompt (Windows)
Start -> Run -> Type CMD and hit Enter , a new Windows appears : You've just opened Command Prompt .

Type anything you want, like "ipconfig" to view Ip configuration of your comnputer ...

If you want to clear your black screen : just type cls (it's not case-sensitive, don't worry) and hit enter . Enjoy !


Hibernation in Windows 7

When you go out and don't want to re-open your data, program...
Hibernation is a good choice, it saves all data in hard disk when hibernating and recover all of them into RAM when start-up.

To use it : Start -> > (right arrow near Shutdown button) -> Hibernate .

If you DON'T SEE IT :

Step 1 : Start > Run > CMD , hit enter : in command prompt type : powercfg -h on

If you still don't see Hibernate button, go to step 2 :

Step 2 : Start > type "power " > and click on "Edit power plan" ABOVE
Click to "Change advanced power settings" > Expand + in "Sleep" and make sure that "Allow hybrid sleep" is OFF .



Home Folder & Roaming User Profile
I) Home Folder :

To centralize users data storage, File Server becomes a place where users put all their data . Every user has private space on File Server .

We use Home Folder to do that :
- User has his own Foler
- Share permission and security permission
- Map a folder from Server to user's computer as network drive .

Step 1 : Create a folder on File Server,
Step 2 : Share everyone - full control & remove users group in tab Security .
Step 3 : Start > Run > dsa.msc > double click to user you want to grant Home Folder => Tab Profile --> Home Folder , at Connect : type \\DCname\ShareFolder\%username% and click Apply.

Note : DCname : name of Domain Controller, it can be IP address.
ShareFolder : name of share folder.
%username% : after you click apply, it will change to name of user
I should let my teacher come here, let them know more Very Happy

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