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Is IPL as good as it seems?

It’s 4th of April, and the Indian Premier League is back with its fifth season. The delightful extravaganza of raining sixes, breathtaking catches, and quick tactical play demands a huge audience at the grounds and in front of TV sets, as the corporate giants make big bucks. This overstretched period of two months is one when the audiences applaud, while the “real” cricketers moan in anguish, as they watch their sport perish in front of their eyes.

Is the IPL as good as is pointed out by the media? The players make lots of money, true, but do the deserving players get their fair share? The statistics point out to something quite different – just have a look at Ravindra Jadeja or Kevin Pietersen. They didn’t perform even a fraction of what they should have, what with currency notes flooding their bank accounts, courtesy the Indian Richie Riches? And mind you, even if our Master Blaster retired from International Twenty20 cricket even before he made a mark, he’s still the second highest scorer overall in the IPL.
"As for the claims that IPL seasons bring out new talent, I guess they are true to some extent. Hey, did I exaggerate there? Just see this – Shaun Marsh was the top scorer in IPL in one season, but he hardly finds a place in the Australian National team. Many Indian players shot to fame in the cricket league, but when entrusted with national duty, they failed (take Swapnil Asnodkar). And another thing - IPL successes are claimed to be the future of Indian cricket. But I doubt whether these ‘successful’ players even remain in the scenario after the league.

I guess all of us would agree that Virat Kohli has proven time and again that he is the future of Indian batting. Reality check – Kohli is not a product of IPL. He entered senior cricket after guiding the Indian Under19 team to a World Cup victory. So, is it time to review our judgment of the IPL?

Another point is that IPL is the source of fatigued players. Otherwise, how do you expect the World Champion Indian team to be crushed like lemons in the hands of the English players in Tests, as well as one day internationals?"

By Nishit Asnani
Maybe I’m wrong somewhere, or the whole way through, but this is my personal view. I have no discord with the organisers or the investors of IPL, in fact, I like this way of making money and expanding the GDP. But I think this league needs to be thought about, again. Reforms in the IPL would be very welcoming, keeping in mind the next generation of cricketers.

By - Nishit Asnani
I heard IPL is sucking big time this year. .. I guess honeymoon period is over for IPL... time to make some real change ... stop using cheap tricks - tamasha to sell the game. Cricket is too great to need cheap tricks to attract audience.
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