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does somebody knows flash?

hi again, i think the best program for websites animation is marcomedia flash because u can get very good results from this program. But is such a difficult program so i need someone to explain me a little bit: some tips, recommend me some tutorials (better in spanish) but i would like to add my php web something with flash. i use it, basically i know hot to use flash but i dont get, for example how people make those extraordinary games in flash.well if someone knows flash please add me in the msn ( or e-mail me.
You right man i think so to and i like some times when im tired i open photoshop and flash take some picture of my friend and start doing some funny things with his face (this is my way to relax)

(sorry for my bad english - Im russian)
i know just a bit of Flash5 but i'm not that good so i can't help u, sorry
If you want to serriously get into flash then you need to know actionscript. As a language it's a bit lacking but anything by written by Colin Moock is god. Search for him on amazon.
I have Flash too but I don't know how to use it... does anyone know any good online tutorials?
If you're cheap then I suppose you could try for some badly written tutorials that tell you to do stuff but don't tell you why.
Grimboy wrote:
If you're cheap then I suppose you could try for some badly written tutorials that tell you to do stuff but don't tell you why.

thanks a lot no im introducing me in flash. Its quite difficult actionscript but pretty results. do u know any javascript tutorial? SmileSmile
thanks again,
I dont realy use flash in m sites, any animation i use is done in adobe imageready as a gif
i think you can make a flash website with flash programs e.g a4desk..
I use a fair bit of flash, and to be perfectly honest the best way of getting to grips with it initially is with the included tutorials in Flash Professional.

I've recently installed the Macromedia Studio 8, including Flash Pro 8 and the included tutorials along with the ActionScript ones are pretty good.

Once you get past mastering the techniques in those, then there are some fairly good ones out there on the web, but I'd ensure that you get those mastered first.

You can do some fairly neat things with Flash, but always remember K.I.S.S. and try to keep your embedded movie clips as separate referenced objects. The newest version of Flash seems to be a little more object oriented than the previous versions, which I've found makes the finished product a lot more polished and speedy. The drawback is of course that a lot of people only have Flash 6 player installed or the shockwave equivalent, so unless you're going to save your swf files in ver 6 format, people that view your site will need to download the latest plugin version Sad

I find that, if you're going to put the extra effort into doing the animations/slideshows that it will give a much more polished end effect, but you should always provide a html version if you're going to do your whole site in Flash (as some people are still Flash sceptical...)
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