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Anyone looking forward to this film? What are your thoughts?

IMHO, I was looking forward to this film until I saw the new design of Captain America's suit and the trailer. I was quite disappointed in both.
I saw the trailer and am looking forward to it. It looks good, and am sure it will be great with all the action.
CAN'T FREAKING WAIT! Just look at my avatar. Since Loki is going to be the big bad in The Avengers, he is my main reason to watch it. And then I started to pay attention to the other actors. I mean, what's not to like? We got a bunch of beautiful people fighting and delivering catchphrases. And a lot of things exploding. Definitely my kind of movie! Very Happy
New combination is nice.
I'm looking forward to it.
My friend who actually enjoyed all the recent Marvel films, said it looks a bit boring (from what he saw on trailer). I can't agree with it. I haven't studied all Avengers comics but I love reading about this war stuff that takes place in there and actually, this combination of superheroes is one of those things that is always nice looking on the big screen.
Joss Whedon is directing a superhero team comic book movie.

Yes, I'm waiting for it.
when this movie comes out in cinemas?
I guess in May, isn't it?

Anyway, looking forward to see this. I enjoyed all the recent Marvel productions and seeing this big bunch together brings more joy.
portoskt wrote:
when this movie comes out in cinemas?

May 4th in most of the countries. In my country, it will come out in April 27th. Very Happy
Looks very, very good from the trailer I the UK though we've had a cult surreal crime type TV show running from the 60's to the 80's called The Avengers & latterly The New Avengers - that was a great show!
Someone has already criticized film for character interaction...I hope I'll watch it next week or after, to make sure this is right or not.
I heard this has a much better story than the average superhero flick. I don't usually like the superhero comic movies but I am convinced this one will be good so I am looking forward to it.
Blummer wrote:
Someone has already criticized film for character interaction...I hope I'll watch it next week or after, to make sure this is right or not.

I only saw good reviews until now... Care to share a link? Very Happy

Hello_World wrote:
I heard this has a much better story than the average superhero flick. I don't usually like the superhero comic movies but I am convinced this one will be good so I am looking forward to it.

Yes, I have seen some reviews that say just that. I can't wait for Friday!
Reviews have been pretty phenomenal thusfar as the early buzz indicated. 38/39 reviews are fresh on Rotten Tomatoes right now. Am seeing this in a few hours and I'm super pumped - always been a huge fan of the Hulk and i want to se him "done right".
i want to see it already see the lately movies of the characters involved, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain Amerca and Thor, but theres is a movie with Black Widow? i cant wait to see at i like very much Scarlett Johanson
I'll be watching it on Monday so I'll post a big review when I get back probably Wink. Looks really good and I'm sure it will be great
Yeah, the Avengers was pretty fantastic. The writing was super solid too, as one would expect from Joss Whedon. Overall, a fun comic book movie that went much better than expected.

Loved the little Stan Lee cameo at the end, too. That guy's great. Smile
I am going to watch this tomorrow at our nearest movie center. The trailer looks good and there are great reviews so my expectation for this movie is very high. I will try to give my commens once I finished it.
This movie came out last April 25th in my country. I want to watch this with my friends and/or family. My friends and I watched Thor before and liked it. When Thor ended, we're like "What? It's already done? Mooooore!". Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America are great too so I don't nothing expect less of this movie. Smile I hope we can have some free time and watch it while it's still showing in cinemas.
Okay, so I just saw it. And I need to say it: it is the most epical thing I may have seen in my 27 years of existence. Go to the theater, you won't regret watching it! Now I need to write in my blog about how I got my mind blew by The Avengers!
It was brilliant. So very well done, I think everything you could have hoped for.
Watched it yesterday. Dynamic, as always. A surprise at the end Smile Can't spoil anyone now. Downey and Johansson are my favs so far. With Captain America Smile
I'll be watching that movie tomorrow Wink
I'm really looking forward to that
Wow! I'm getting excited more and more because of everyone's good impression on this movie! Very Happy I want Saturday to come soon. Laughing
I can say since Marvel actually started to film on its own, my favourite so far is Iron Man 1. The second one may be Captain America, next X-men first class...But honestly, I can't stop recalling moments from Avengers. Maybe that's something personal. There are reasons why it can criticized, but any of you who will watch it, will notice one good advantage - believe me, it's so tough to achive a clear individuality of each character in such films. And good interaction between them. Avengers doesn't really lack the positive solving of this problem and it is distinctive since each of team members is shown in full, with all good and bad sides, absolutely perfectly. I hope there was no sign of spoilers in my post.
I just watched it last night.. pretty awesome.. they even referenced the tv show ,'earth's mightiest heroes' hahaha
I watched this a while ago with my friend. I was absolutely amazed while watching this movie! Very Happy Be it the characters, the effects, the story, or the action... everything is really great and cool!! I even find some scenes hilarious. Laughing I think I shouldn't specify those scenes so I won't be spoil the other members. Smile
Yeah, you shouldn't... actually what I can say - the story is really predictable but it still amazes you so much.
The Avengers seems to be a winner at the international box office.
It was really great Smile
i like it, i think there´s in the future several secuels
Yeah the ending gives you some hints. Trying not to spoil anyone, just encouraging to watch it. Laughing
Was Prince Namor of Atlantis (the Submariner) ever a member of the Avengers?
on monday night it will show on cinema in our town 1st time and i got the ticket
I went to see it a few days ago. I admit, I was a bit skeptical despite all the good reviews and how all my friends were saying it was the best movie they've seen. I'm pleasantly surprised that my skepticism was unfounded. It was a very good film. Probably the best superhero movie I've seen with the exception of maybe the dark knight films.

The thing that made it so much better than others was they stayed pretty darn close to the comic book representation of the characters (ie not completely changing the powers of a superhero like they did for Gambit in the x men movie. Also not changing the outfits of the superheros so much that you don't recognize them. Exception might be Hawkeye, but it didn't really bother me).

I also loved how the way the film seamlessly panned out to the different characters during fight scenes. They even incorporated some team attacks along with amusing dialogue. I'm a long time fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, so I knew Joss Whedon's previous works. That guy just is plain awesome. I'm glad he did this movie justice.
Awesome movie, I always like these combinations from different storylines. It makes everything come together and gives it a cool look.
Joss Whedon is the man! I saw the film about a week ago, and now I might go see it a second time. The Hulk really steals the show.
i didnt like idea to see all that heroes in one movie, but ok, im gonna watch it this weekend
I attended this weekend, I was no pretense of watching a good movie expecting much less but the movie is great, good shot of jokes, and is sequence after sequence of action
mgeek wrote:
Was Prince Namor of Atlantis (the Submariner) ever a member of the Avengers?

Yep. Pretty much everyone has been an Avenger at one point or another in the comics at this stage.
Just watched avengers a few days ago and I have to say its good and well worth the money you spend. I don't want to go for more details but all I want to say is its definitely worth your time.

I watched it last night, good movie. Let me just say that the airship seemed almost totally out of a fantasy rpg, except its propellers were the theoretical grounding in reality. It's a weird mix of technologic and fantasy that mixed well in my mind.

Of all of the avengers themselves, I think I gotta like Iron man the best, right? At least the first half of the movie, he's ahead of everyone else, and he's got a handle on things. The most questionable of all them if they would work together, and does he come through? You have to see... Smile
OH by the way, If you go see it in theaters, there are TWO mid/post-credit scenes. So don't get up and leave too soon
I enjoyed everything about this movie. The action and the comedy was great. I really liked the part where The Incredible Hulk was featured. But I kind of hated it because a lot of the movie happens in the dark.
I had high expectations for this movie but ended up enjoying it nevertheless.
I found the beginning a bit slow but the latter half was more exciting. In particular, I must say it was quite commendable how they divided the importance between each avenger in an almost equal fashion ( probably Iron Man had the most importance though).
In any case, it was an enjoyable film. Smile
I was told that Captain America took the place of Spiderman in the movie. Can anyone tell me if this is true?
i liked the movie...
my favorite scene was that when.. Loki said to Hulk that he is a God and then all of a Sudden.. Hulk picks him up and throws him some blows..
it was a good movie and i think.. its sequel will be better..
Yeah that scene was hilarious!! Great movie!! Hope there is gonna be a sequel soon Very Happy
Meanwhile it has become an absolute winner and record holder, among others. Unity is power. I imagine how many fans visited cinemas just to see Tony or other particular character.
I thought it was a great film. Very well done. It's out on DVD on Monday
this movie was really good. it had it all, action, action, and action. Although I enjoyed it I can't seem to understand how it is actually the top grossing film of all time. It's character development is kind of non existent, the dialogue was funny but the plot was pretty predictable. 7/10
I just watched this movie today, i should say it is a good movie but the score on imdb website is a little far from reality, there was nothing new in this movie, no new idea, no new event, i was able to say what happens in the end from the beginning and this is not good at all.

i will give it 6.5 from 10 and i think using old characters and putting some explosions are not enough for me to give it 8 or 9 !
The truth is the script was original, but the idea itself (aliens invading Earth) was stupid. I can say - not impressing and looking like fairy tale compared to other Marvel productions. I can still say - Iron Mand and Cap - these are the characters which lead the film, not letting you to fall asleep. But the Chitauri beings - they are absolutely boring and a bit unimaginative - with all my respect to Marvel.
i have already watched this movie. its really great movie and also enjoyable movie.
Such a pity they killed agent Phil Coulson. Rolling Eyes
I agree it was great,I went only because I believe family members were going, so I went and ended up liking it. Though now I own it on DVD.
It was great - and simply Epic!
but cant wait for 'Justice League' now xD
I feel as if any attempt at a Justice League movie would feel cheap and rushed.
Hmmm what to say. The movie is fantastic, can't wait to second part.
I just hope the second part will succeed the first one the way we expect it. And honestly, I don't want to see those Chitauri's again. I understand Thor and the others form a part of Marvel universe, but he's my least favorite character. I wonder if we will deal with the obscured guy from Avengers' epilogue.
The best movie i've ever seen my favorite movie ever!
I really hope the second one won't disappoint. I wasn't disappointed with the first one at all - considering the genre and what I knew about the characters. I like the character interaction and I really expect something special to happen.
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