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Catch 22's!

A "catch 22" (don't know where that comes from) is an event whose circumstances prevent the first step, and often times something has to complete the first loop in order to make the first cycle possible.

For instance:

You have to have money to make money. Some people don't think so, but this is pretty universally true. Time is money, so people who disagree with this are usually not observing what they are paying out to make money. Money typically does not just materialize on it's own.

You have to have a job to get hired. I'm facing this really hard right now. Spent some time unemployed and employers are very concerned with you not having a current job. Duh, that's why I'm looking (I want to scream at them).

You have to have a girlfriend to get attention from girls. I feel this is sad but true. Guys who don't have girl friends have a much harder time getting a new girlfriend. Girls follow each others lead, and so do men, however, with dating guys don't care if you've had a boy friend recently or not, but girls don't seem to have the same mentality. You already having a girlfriend is some kind of sign to women that you are date-able, and men don't work this way. If we want something we get it, and it doesn't matter how many other people want the same thing, and often times we're looking for ways to not fight for the things we get. Dating a pretty girl can be it's own nightmare for a guy.

We can debate this last one forever, so I suppose I'll let you get to it! Any other catch 22s you guys can think of?
Actually, I think "catch 22" don't exist but in some way this is true. If you have money it is easy to invest in new project and make new money. If you haven't then you must first save money. Saved money is little bit hard to invest in something what is not 100% profitable and peoples stop to monetary progress on this step.

If you have job and if you apply to another one then employers think you are updated with knowledge. If you are unemployed then maybe you haven't enough knowledge. But in most situation this is wrong perception because employed people change their job because they want something less hard, or they have hard character and they cannot cooperate with others, etc.

With girlfriend you are IN because she have friends and this girls comment you and you are up to date. But I think the boys have the same problem, they are looking only for updated girls.

First of all we need lot of courage to fulfill our needs: money, job, girlfriend, etc. First two you can kill with one step - open own business, the third one - just look for one free un-updated girl. I am pretty sure you will find lot of them.

I agree with you ICT. Employers are mostly interested in someone who is employed, and even more so not employed for too long. If the person has been employed too long then maybe they're too set in their ways. If they are not employed, there may be something wrong with them. But if they have been employed for just the right length of time then they're definitely interested. They're even more interested if the person talks about the loads of projects he is busy with and make himself sound as the busiest person ever. Also if the person does not look too keen to have the job, i.e. create an aura of "being in demand". Once he has successfully pitched himself that way, he can just sit back and let them scramble for him.

With girl friends I think you're right there too. Girl friends love guys who have girl friends probably because they can see what they are like as boy friends. And I also agree men are different. They may play the field for a while, but once stuck on some one it would be very difficult to budge from that.

About having money to make money, I'm not entirely agreed on that one. There are plenty of people who have become wealthy starting with no money. They were just shrewd to get it. I also find that if some one has found a business idea that he/she is crazy about, that kind of enthusiasm has a great knack for attracting funding.
deanhills wrote:
I also find that if some one has found a business idea that he/she is crazy about, that kind of enthusiasm has a great knack for attracting funding.

True, but it's funny because those people work to get the money, that eventually builds the project that makes them money. These are people who understand that it takes money to make money, so they find ways to churn the wheels of economy by coming up with inventive ways of selling the customer or a new kind of marketable product.

Business now is mostly morally void as both the customer and the business are attempting to rob each other blind, and if the customer or the business happens across an open cookie jar then usually all available resources are exhausted quickly, with usually not a thought given to sharing or paying it forward to support others somehow. It's very much a "culture of me/mine right now" for both the individual and the corporation, and cash is king! Since the ultimate "goody" or cookie is cold hard cash, then both corporations, and consumers, are looking to score cash when ever they can so they can either sell more goods or buy more goods.

I don't really believe many rags to riches stories because when you really look at the circumstance then the individual had something that was rare, unique, or different than everyone else or money. If you are not born with a Jesus birth mark on your forehead, or the number 8 right between your eyes, then it's going to take some money to make money.

What I really would like to hear is stories about people becoming rich, loosing it all, becoming rich, loosing it all, over and over again. Not because I find sick enjoyment in people's suffering but would like to study the triumphs of someone like that, and observe what might be contributing to them then loosing that great wealth over and over again. If it's just dumb luck, then at least they can get rich again on the movie rights, and sequel every cycle that they get rich again, but if they are suffering some kind of vice that eventually causes them to end up with nothing all over again, it would still be very interesting to watch them make it to the top again. Know anyone like this?

Seriously though... if you examine just about any rags to riches story closely usually dumb luck is what breaks this catch 22. Really, if you consider that time is money, then you're paying to go out and look for investors. People don't just give you cash... and rarely will they give you time. If you sit down with an investor then you are "spending" time talking to them, and they are "spending" time talking to you whether or not you make the deal. You are spending time (money) thinking up people that you could call to get to invest in your new idea, and no one is getting this time spent in business back. And if you can't avoid this cost then:

Time = Money
It takes time to make money
It takes money to make money! Smile
IceCreamTruck wrote:
People don't just give you cash... and rarely will they give you time.
That is very true. On the other hand they do need to make money and are always on the look out for great business ideas. So if one has one of those with all the right tools including a detailed professional business plan, then one should stand a chance of getting financing. Not everyone would stand an equal chance however. Would depend on luck, good connections, and other factors such as past record, personality, presentation skills, etc.
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