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Civ 4

Can't hardly believe no one's talking about Civilization 4. Come on it's bloody Civ to start with and it comes out Tuesday. I can't be the only one who's put my money down to lose months of my life. Evil or Very Mad
It comes out Tuesday?!

Shocked're fooling me aren't you? >_>

This is impossible, I thought it wasn't coming out till like next year...damnit. Confused
It's very fun.i am favour of it.
Are you kidding me? It comes out Tuesday??? Which month, year is it ??

I would like to play the game for sure. It's damn good!
civ III is cool.. hmmm.. can anyone post the system requirements of civ 4?
civ 3 wasnt that good it seemed like the enemys units always had an upper hand on you and alliances werent even alliances they would turn there back on you in a second. It would take 2 or 3 of my tanks to take out a enemy tank and no the enemys werent veterans or elites or anything. i still perfer civ 2.
Civ since 1991 probably the best beer in the world Very Happy
can't wait, it's close now Smile

I remember playing Civ I, and II...and Civ III Razz

how things change, the evolution of computer hardware and software is amazing, who could have known?when I think of Civ I and compare it to Civ III it makes me wonder how games will be in 10 years
Civilization 2 is the best of the series! Hope Civ 4 will surpass the standards set by Civ 2. *crosses fingers* Very Happy Cool
Civ 4? Where can I get information on it? I have Civ, Civ II, and Civ III complete. I have only just started really playing III. Now their is a IV? I wanna see.
I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!
I played civ 2 and civ 3. Civ 2 was way better that civ3. Civ 3 was crap, IMO, dont know if Ill play civ 4 or not. Ill wait to hear the reaction of other ppl before i make a plunge.
Civ3 is not bad a couple months ago I would have agreed wiht you but now I find it fun... but it is definately NOT in the civ tradition.
is civ4 more like civ3, or will it go back to the way civ2 was?

i love civ2, and i like civ3. it was hard, really hard, but in a fun way =). never had a chance to play it multiplayer though. sad ;/
Has anybody played it yet? How is it? The new 3D engine is supposed to kickass; I'd like to know how it runs though.
civ 4 always crashes in the tut, so I have no idea how to play it but I am just playing along online. I tell you its too hard when you don't know stuff like why you need the music sign thingy.
Is there a free version of (trial) civ 4 available?
ignition wrote:
Has anybody played it yet? How is it? The new 3D engine is supposed to kickass; I'd like to know how it runs though.

The game is awesome!Nice 3D graphic and intense competition.
However, you've better have high performance hardware to run it. Or you will lose many things and play as slow as a PII computer....
shabda wrote:
Is there a free version of (trial) civ 4 available?

I am afraid there's no Demo for Civ4.
BTW, it's really neat if you like think your stategies for developing more than response quickly for instant strategy game....
Strongly suggestion!
i don't have 512mb ram Sad Once I buy more I'll be able to tell. it will definately take some getting used to, since i'm so used to civ3
dont like this civ ;/. civ2 and civ3 is a lot better than this. it somewhat feels like they changed everything. blergh. im going back to civ3!
it keeps jumping out to desktop while I playing this game. Maybe it needs a high performance 3D graphic card. I even upgrade my RAM to 512MB just wanna play this game but graphic card was the another problem. I've uninstalled it. Confused
and it only does that for civ IV?
Anyone on the fence about buying Civilization IV would do well to check out the demo just to make sure there are no hardware conflicts or whatever with their setup... but... assuming there aren't... you should run out and buy this game!! It is seriously awesome! The only real concerns are lack of sleep and or social contact from far too many late night sessions of beating the everliving crap out of George Washington because he was sitting on the Uranium and you wanted it to build nukes!! Not only that but if you are worried about your social life it has built in multiplayer too so you can at least get a little internet loving going on! Either way you slice it the game rocks as long as it will run on your system! Smile
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