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How do you like to watch movies?

How do you like to watch movies?
In theatres
 35%  [ 10 ]
 14%  [ 4 ]
 17%  [ 5 ]
 32%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 28

What's your favorite ways of watching movies?
I like being able to watch the same movies on my phone, my laptop, my TV, or my android tablet. I say TV, but honestly I don't have a TV. I have a really big computer monitor that sometimes doubles as a TV, but I turned off cable so I am limited completely to things that are available on the internet.

I just watched the men's final four NCAA tournament via which was cool because they kept the price low enough that it was worth paying a little less than $5 for all the tournament games. I really only watched the final four... regular season play and the tournament leading up to the final four not all that interesting to me. I was extremely interested in the final four because I live in Lexington, and they tear apart the town when they win this national basketball tournament, and they just won it again after 14 years. Yes, they rioted and tore the town up, but we got through it pretty well this time, and it was a few good basketball games to watch.

Mostly NetFlix: Survivors, Life, Persons Unknown, Stargate (SG1, Universe, Atlantis), Lilyhammer (netflix original), scrubs, Eureka, Star Trek (original series, and next gen), Deep Sea Detectives, Caprica, River Monsters, How Beer Saved the World, X-Files, etc. FYI you have months to catch up already!
I love watching it alone after downloading it. I know it's illegal! XD
Cosmoslayer wrote:
I love watching it alone after downloading it. I know it's illegal! XD

lol... what is morality? Some say it's what you can do, some say it's what we should do, and yet others tell us it's what we must do... or else! I don't download illegal movies any more. I really just grew up and figured out that there is a bazillion hours of good shows online for cheap, or free if you know how to find them legit. Sure, you often have to jump through a few more hoops to get something that you want then you do if you steal things, but that is typically how things work in life.

Instant gratis always looks good in the short term, but is rarely a manageable long term strategy. Just FYI
I usualy rent movies on my telenet DigiBox ( internet and digital TV provider here in Belgium )
or via Zune on Xbox Live.
I prefer watching movies in the comforts of our home because it is more relaxing when you can just lie down in your couch while enjoying a great movie so that's why a chose television.
I haven't been watching that many movies lately. Probably nicest to watch them at home, but now and then - once in a blue moon - it can be nice to visit a really great cinema with all the bells and whistles in screen and output.
In this busy age, i was busy too, no time to go to the movie theatre
Ghost Rider103
I like to watch most of my movies on DVD at my own place.

Though on occasion going in theaters to watch movies is also entertaining. I just feel more comfortable at home though. But I could settle for either!

I couldn't imagine watching a movie online, assuming you mean on your computer. Sitting at my desk watching a movie wouldn't be too comfortable. Not for me anyways.

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I chose the first answer. Actually I always try to watch films first on big screen. There is no question about it. All other media and formats - later.
I prefer watching in theaters that's why I voted for it. I just love watching movies in a really big screens so yeah... Laughing There are times that I watch them on DVDs though.
Funny, I was discussing that with a friend yesterday... I prefer going to the theater, specially now that all movies are in 3D. I still need to see The Avengers in 3D. I feel it's not the same thing without the whole experience. Too bad I live in a town that doesn't have a theater. Sad
Movies in theatres have become expensive so I wait for them on cable.
I barely get time to go to the movies so I usually prefer to watch movies online, like on Netflix or on Amazon Rentals
Im not much of a theater type person, so i usually watch it at home on a TV or PC and many times online via Netflix or Hulu Plus
I prefer to watch movies in the theater, DVD and on TV, in that order. For TV though, movies without commercial breaks would be ideal. Online streaming is no go for me with the speed of my internet connection.
On DVD. Theatres seem like a gamble. You're paying money to see a film that you might not even like.
Theater for me, although then you do have to deal with rude people around you.

That big screen and the wonderful sound system. I never really appreciated sound too much until I watched The Dark Knight at home. That scene where they flip the truck--it was extremely impressive in the theater, but with my TV's puny speakers it lost much of its power.
Either on DVD in the comfort of my own home or in the Cinema so I can enjoy the atmosphere
unlimated movies and tv episodes only 8 bucks a month.
I prefer DVDs. Too lazy for the Watch it in Television or Cinema. I just buy those Movies and TS shows I like and watch those when I have free time.
On dvd alone at home. I love going to the theatre as well, but the very best way to watch a film is to watch it at home. Perfect privacy. Silence. Darkness. All of that.
Seriously I like every way to watch movies. But in theater the most, Big screen, very good sound, and many more...
It depends on what movie it is Smile. If it is some of my top-favourites, I can watch them in any way. If someone invites me to watch Pulp Fiction - I can watch it on small, old TV or huge LCD or in cinema - it doesn't really matter.

However, if I want to see some new action movie (like The Avengers recently), I would rather prefer to go to cinema to see it. Such action movies are far more enjoyable in cinema with proper sound systems. Of course, going to cinema with bunch of friends is far better than watching movie at home Smile
Theaters do have some advantages but on the other hand I always tend to get a very sore neck after a long theater-sitting. That kinda kills the joy.
I haven't been in a theater for at least two to three years, and I think it's my bad as just heard how fantastic Avatar was in a proper theater. Some movies can only be seen to their fullest technical quality when they are seen in the right setting, like a proper movie theater.

I'm definitely going to make a point of getting back to a movie theater again. I'll probably be completely bowled over with the new technology as well. I should also check out where the IMAX theatre in Dubai is. I used to love going to the one in Vancouver BC. Totally worth it.

Just checked it and found it and darn! Looks as though they have a Bruce Willis feature coming soon, hope I won't miss it.

A Good Day to Die Hard: The IMAX Experience - can't miss this. Have to check how long it is going to run though as will be away from the UAE for two weeks from 16 February.

on my tab before going to bed Smile
I (of course) like watching movies on television. I don't have cable or satellite so I watch terrestrial channels. In the Los Angeles area, there is a movie channel called "This" and broadcasts only movies one after another 24 hours a day. Most of the movies are lesser known and it's a treat when I run across a hidden gem. I prefer movies on TV so I can get something done during commercial breaks.
I always prefer watching a good movie in a theatre rather than watching it at home alone with a DVD.

First of all, the surround sound quality is definitely better than that at home unless of course you have a properly set up home theatre system(I am not talking about those audiophile systems) and that I believe still can't fully compare to a theatre sound system.

Another would be the screen. I love movies on the big screen. Plain simple as that! Smile

Finally, Some shows i believe just have to be watched with people, including those strangers that are in the theatre with you. It's that ambience like watching with Les Miserable where you feel as though you are in a concert.
I like the TV because then I can sit more comfortable. If there is no advertisement I don't think it matters if it's a DVD or not, as long as the DVD player is not making sounds or having some other faults.
No I don't watch movies that i havent seen. [/quote]
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