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Beaches in Kerala

Kerala is one of the hot spots for honeymoon tours. Kerala honeymoon tours are offered by many tour operators. The weather in Kerala is pleasant and the state is blessed with immense beauty.

A stroll through the golden sands of the beaches of Kerala with their loved one can make a honeymoon pleasant and memorable. The lovely backwaters fringed with coconut trees are a treat to watch. Kerala beaches along the Arabian Sea flanked by rocky promontories are a delight to the tourists. The various beaches in Kerala include Alappuzha beach, Varkala beach, Kovalam beach, Kappad beach, Poovar beach, Fort Kochi beach, Marari beach or Mararikulam, Thirumullavaram beach, Beypore beach, Dharmadam Island, Ezhimala beach, Moppila beach, Muzhappilangad beach, Pathiramanal beach, Payyambalam beach, Sankhumugham beach, Tanur beach and Thangassery beach. The most common tourist places among these are Kovalam beach, Varkala beach, Fort Kochi beach, Kappad beach and Marari beach.

Each beach in Kerala offers a theme and one can choose from them depending on the nature of tour. There are beaches that are ideal for honeymoon couples. The different themes of beaches are the family beaches of Kerala, romantic beaches of Kerala, exotic beaches of Kerala, water sports beaches of Kerala, tropical beaches of Kerala, entertainment beaches of Kerala, honeymoon special beaches of Kerala, yoga special beaches of Kerala and Ayurveda special beaches of Kerala. The beaches are ideal options for holidaying for the tourists around the world with the best of accommodation facilities. Relaxing among the shady palms one can feel the sun kissed sands under their feet which is a tremendous experience. The beach resorts offer sumptuous Kerala food, besides which water sport facilities, picnicking, sightseeing and Ayurveda packages are also provided for.
Thank you for the information about kerala, kerala is the most attractive place in india,
Actually, my friends and I were discussing about Kerala. It has beautiful beaches and backwaters.
BUT.... the only problem why tourists (especially western tourists) don't like to go there, is because the locals there always stare at the foreigners.
I've heard that it gets intimidating, and very creepy.
This is what I've heard, but I will visit Kerala... anyways, I'm a native of Goa, India, so I don't think I would get stared at.

I guess it might be best if you get a tour guide to show you around the places in Kerala.
Great sharing
I personally prefer Kanya Kumari - although my experience with Indian beaches has been limited to Kanya Kumari (to a very small extent), Marina Beach in Chennai as well as Rama Krishna Beach in Vishakapatnam. I really haven't been to too many beaches outside of Andhra Pradesh, so I suppose my viewpoint is a bit limited.
Never been to Kerala, wish to go there in future Smile
Kerala has been emerged as a Paradise for honeymooners, because of the variety ot offers across its beautiful beaches, lakes, backwaters, hill stations, houseboats etc.
Kerala is a really beautiful place Smile
It's worth visiting once in a lifetime at least..
Some great photos can be seen at this link
menino wrote:

BUT.... the only problem why tourists (especially western tourists) don't like to go there, is because the locals there always stare at the foreigners.
I've heard that it gets intimidating, and very creepy.

I believe that is an exaggeration, Kerala, is one of India's most advanced society with hundred percent literacy.
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