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Mailing List & Newsletter Research

Hi All,

I've been for sometime trying to come up with a clear solution for my community.

Right now I simply use my email client to send basic html invitations and news items out.

I'm on server 4 using DirectAdmin, does anybody have suggestions, or definite don'ts?

I've been looking at:


Note, I did see that there was a mailing list software in DirectAdmin, just thinking I want something a bit more developed.
Well I am not to sure if there is newsletter emailing on Frihost for your own account. The way I would do it is to write my own program that would do this and create yourself a nice administration center for it. I would be willing to make one for you but it depends on who much time I have on my hands.
I'm leaning towards phplist, lots of controls if needed, and is GPL. However I'm also wondering about package size. Have to check on server requirements and see once and if I get it installed.

Thanks for the feedback.
I don't have much experience with mailing lists unfortunately. I once installed one (I think it was php list, so you most likely will be able to install it I guess), but didn't really use it anyway. DirectAdmin also has mailing list, but I never used those either. All I know is that a mailing list is a lot harder to do the right way. You need to provide a way to unsubscribe, you need to take care of email bounces and these days the spam filtering of the major web mail accounts is very aggressive - especially for a shared server account (free or paid) due to the large number of websites sending emails from one ip address (and the occasional spam outbreak).

Good luck with your search!
Thanks, I'll let you know how goes . . . it looks like I can create a web page for unsubscribing, and have good monitoring too. The current list is pretty clean, been doing a lot of manual work with it, so there shouldn't be a lot of blow back and garbage.

phplist says of system requirements:

is developed and tested with the following server software:

Apache web server
MySQL database server version 4.0 or higher
PHP versions 4.3.x or higher (IMAP module required for bounce processing)
phplist also runs on PHP 5, MySQL 4.1 & 5.

The developers use the following setup:

A recent release of any Linux distribution
Mysql 5.0.27
PHP 5.2
phplist also runs on windows, with Apache, PHP and MySQL. We recommend XAMPP server to run phplist on windows for testing and development.

Users have also reported that phplist can be adapted for Microsoft IIS web server. This is not currently supported, but you can find more information in the documentation or by searching the forums.

Server 4 should have MySQL 5.5 and php 5.3 at the moment, so I think that should work fine.
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