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Packing your worst story

I'm putting 4 cubic meters onto a boat soon.
I have to take it to the big city and supply a big list on what I got in there.
I have to live out of my suitcase for a couple of days before I fly out of the country.
Then when I get to my destination I have to drive to another big city to pick up my gear that arrived by boat.

Whats your packing nightmare, I got a couple more?
I had to do the same when I moved from Canada to the UAE. I did not find it stressful at all however. More like enormously liberating. I was without all of the furniture and equipment for three months, and during that period was wondering why on earth I had all those things as if I could go that long without them, why were they really that necessary. I did not take my computer and electronics with as of course they were on a different voltage. I'm long overdue for a move again. Wonder whether it would be as liberating then.
Almost every time I move, that's my worst packing story. It always involves long sleepless nights, stress and bad nutrition. I've moved from illinois to Iowa, Iowa to Massachusetts, Massachusetts to new York, and new York to california. Almost every time I did it, that was the worst time.
I can just imagine your boxes TurtleShell, probably colour coded, marked and packed according to an exact numbering system. You could probably start your own moving business out of your experiences! It's sort of the "worst time" energy that drives you through it. I'm not super relaxed, but I am more or less relaxed. I do number boxes and I do all of my packing myself. I actually enjoy it too as that gives me a chance to get rid of a few layers of unnecessary "stuff".
Very Happy
K, yes, our last move was color coded. There was a chart/key on the fridge.

Actually, our best move was the most disorganized one we ever had. We moved from an apartment on 161st street in Manhattan to another apartment owned by the same landlord about 3 blocks away. There were no boxes involved, no moving trucks. We bought a couple old lady carts and what we did pack, we packed in bags--but mostly we just moved everything as is. My partner loaded the carts and I dragged them back and forth between both apartments. Most of the move happened over a weekend or two, then at the end our super helped us move all the furniture from one apartment to the next. bada-bing bada boom... all done. lovely.
Moving out of my parents was pretty bad because that was the first time I'd been out on my own. From that move I moved to another room in the same house, but up a flight of stairs. Then I moved to another room just down the hall, the biggest one in the house! Then, when the roommates got a little crazy I ran out and moved into another house and I found out I had a lot of stuff and I had to go up and down 2 flights of stairs. That was the most exhausting move ever! The most recent move was in stages but it was still tiring and I felt so disorganized! I also didn't like that it had only been about 7 or 8 months since the previous move and I really didn't feel that settled. Here's to staying in this place for at least a year, preferably 2 since it's all inclusive!
My best has to be when I flew to Cali. Deciding what you actually "need" to live for a year that can fit into 2 bags, and a carry-on is always a blast! It was frantic to say the least, because only 2 weeks before that I graduated and backed 4 years worth of stuff into my truck and drove 600 miles to my parents, promptly dropped it off, and then repacked for Cali!
TheGremlyn's worst move reminds me of mine into a heritage house in West Vancouver, BC. I rented a flat of sorts on the top floor, problem is I needed special movers to load my furniture through the balcony as my couch and bed could not be moved via the stairs. Sort of a little hilarious but arduous as well. I then also learned that those heritage houses can creak a lot as well. Was not really up my street as it came with a very nosy land lady too, so moved into a proper concrete apartment building afterwards in which I stayed for three years before my move to the UAE. Probably one of the best ever design wise. Moving my furniture into the apartment was dead easy, everything fitted exactly right.
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