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top 10 chinese martial arts movies

1) The Chinese Connection, 1972
Directed by Lo Wei and starring Bruce Lee. Original title: Fist of Fury.
This movie is Bruce Lee's classic. Want to see Bruce Lee's action, this is the one.

2) Enter the Dragon, 1973
Directed by Robert Clouse and starring Bruce Lee.
This is Bruce Lee's most popular movie.

3) Drunken Master, 1979
Directed by Yuen Woo-Ping and starring Jackie Chan.
This movie made Jackie Chan a star. It is an entertaining film, yet not too violent.

4) The Shaolin Temple, 1982
Directed by Chang Hsin-Yen and starring Jet Li.
This is Jet Li's first film. Jet Li was the all-round wushu champion (martial arts) at that time (about 1982). Thus want to see the real thing, see Jet Li in this movie.

5) Snake in the Monkey's Shadow, 1982
Directed by Sum Cheung and starring John Chang.
The best martial arts movie on the monkey style, snake style, and drunken style.

6) Shaolin Master Killer, 1983
Directed by Lau Kar-Leung and starring Gordon Liu.
"One of the most revered martial arts films of all time, this is the story of a young man who joins the Shaolin Temple when the Manchus kill his family." -- Movie Summary

7) Supercop, 1992
Directed by Stanley Tong and starring Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh.
"The film displays Chan's dual mastery of physical comedy and martial arts while also showcasing his notorious predilection for handling his own stunts." -- Movie Summary

Cool Fist of Legend, 1994
Directed by Gordon Chan and starring Jet Li.
Fist of Legend is the best movie by Jet Li. This is a remake of Bruce Lee's The Chinese Connection.

9) The Legend of Drunken Master, 1994
Directed by Lau Kar-Leung and starring Jackie Chan.
This is probably the best martial arts movie by Jackie Chan. 'Chan employs the hilarious but effective style of kung fu known as the "drunken" style. The movie is a true action masterpiece featuring some of the most intense fighting sequences ever filmed.' -- Movie Summary

10) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 1999
Directed by Ang Lee and starring Michelle Khan, Chang Chen, Zhang Ziyi, Chow Yun-Fat.
The film is based on a novel by Wang Du Lu. It is one of the 73rd Annual Academy Award winners, honored as the best in Foreign Language, Music (Score), Art Direction and

---------^_^ Surprised
I dunno if this counts but Bullet Proof Monk
I like any movies with Sammo Hung or Jackie Chan on it.
Does Jacky Chan's movies count ? Also I this movies series called " IP man ".
dude_xyx wrote:
Does Jacky Chan's movies count ? Also I this movies series called " IP man ".

Yup, I saw IP Man too. The guy beat the Japanese ass. I like what he said about it's not the martial arts style that's weak. It's the person's principles that is. And it's based in a true story of a martial arts master.

Did anyone saw Kung fu Hustle? It's also my favorite. The Buddha Palm is outrageous.
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