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How to make a difference in your friends life?

We all live in the world with people around us. We all have our own friends and I was just wondering if how could you make a difference in their life in your own way? You can make a big difference by simply staying as his/her friend. Sometimes people forget how important attention is but I believe it is really the main reason why do a relationship keep on going. You can serve his/her advice and constant communication so that he/she will forget all his/her problems. Moreover, you should always support your friend in any challenge she is facing so that she will never feel alone. What are your own ways?
you got it spot on.. i have seen many of my friends taking the wrong path and making bad choices it has made my outlook and mindset different but i still have to be there for my friends too.. im always going to be an ear that they can talk to and a shoulder they can cry on just letting them even know that means a lot to a friend thanks for the blog check out my blog im writing a book and i want to hear what peoples own life experiences have been so it would give me a bigger idea as to what i need to have included in my writing
I would say you basically have the most important thing listed already. Just being there for someone can be so important and so very valuable. Knowing that you have someone to which you can go to talk, and having a shoulder to cry on is very important. To me, that is what friendship is about.

Another important thing is to accept who your friends are as people. Be honest with them and make sure that both you and your friend(s) can be themselves. Those are key things in a friendship, at least to me.
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