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HELP My Computer freezes when connecting to the internet

hello guys, i would just like to ask for help because my computer hangs whenever I browse the net. This happens when i plug in my plug it usb broadband and after a couple of minutes it freezes. however, when it is not connected my pc works fine. here's my specs

windows xp sp2

any help would be highly appreciated.
Little bit more information will help more (computer manufacturer, name, USB type 1.0, 2.0, etc) but from your information I think you have few years old computer. In most situation old computers have USB 1.0 and in that case connectivity is very slow. In combination with your 512Mb RAM this can freeze your computer. Try to use LAN cable instead of USB and see how is working with it?

Where can I find the manufacturer name? Yes, it is a bit old. I'm thinking that I am over using it that's why it freezes. But when I play games it is fine. I am currently using it now with the old windows theme and limited myself to 3 tabs. It is now 7 hours and I still don't experience the freeze problem. What can you suggest to improve my old computer? Thanks!
You can see the full details about your computer by this command.

Then is your computer is inffected with virus?

Try to connect to internet in Windows Safe mode.
Ones you are connect Internet the many applications start to run to see are there some update, etc. The most of this apps work in background (antivirus, flash, browser, etc.). Maybe you need to give a time and wait for half hour after connecting before you start with surfing Internet or play a game. 512Mb is really small amount of RAM for some applications.

I don't think it is a virus or anything. It is such an old computer with crappy specs that it is going to be slow. My Uncle's laptop has about the same specs as your computer and I have crashed it cause I had too many applications open which was like only 3 or 4 things. I would just go and buy a new computer. That is your best bet.

Applications now-a-days are using more and more memory thus 512MB can barely keep up with everything.
Yes, that is actually my plan. However, my computer seems to work fine this past few days so it is not really a headache for me. If I will upgrade my computer, could you please suggest me some good enough specs so that I can do my work smoothly? Thanks! Very Happy
Try ipconfig /release and then /renew

Afterwards, from your 'Local Area Connection' properties attempt to let Windows troubleshoot connection issues and confirm that your 'Properties' are set to 'Obtain IP settings automatically'
Fire Boar
You mentioned "USB broadband"... I'm assuming that's some kind of dongle that you plug in which gets a wireless signal from the router? You might want to try using an Ethernet cable instead, just in case there's a problem with the dongle. You probably have an Ethernet cable already, one often comes with a new router - they're symmetric and look like this.

If you get connectivity with an Ethernet cable, there is probably something wrong with your USB device or, as others are saying, you're using USB 1.

If you want to upgrade your computer, based on the information given I'd recommend starting fresh. The best value for money can be had if you buy all the parts separately and assemble them yourself, although you may want to ask a friend for advice if you don't know how. Get at least 2 GB of RAM. You need a reliable motherboard - ASUS are probably your best bet here, but be sure to look at reviews on the Internet. For the graphics card and processor, a good rule of thumb is to get something that has been out for at least 6 months. This will give you good value (CPUs and especially GPUs go down in price very quickly) and if there are any problems with the model, people will have found them.

Make sure you get a reliable hard disk and power supply, then all that remains (unless I have forgotten something) is the CD/DVD drive, which you can pick up for a pittance, and a case (just pick one that looks good and has enough space to fit everything in). Also remember that you need to get the operating system yourself - it doesn't "come with Windows", so you'll either need to use a free operating system, or buy the OS separately, or use a spare copy if you have one.
Hi busaboss,

Try following the steps in this guide:

I hope this helps.

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