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Croatia in panic: Bird Flue knocks on the door!!!

As the TV reporters says, Croatia is in Panic!
Bird flue is in Romania and Greece, witch is about 400km from biggest European bird reservation "Kopacki Rit" in Croatia. Every day citizens reports some of dead birds, but all that was fake, no birds flue for now.
The scientists says bird flue is to be expect next year in spring, when birds come back from south, when will be mixed by other, possibly contaminated birds!
Enyway, state is ready, all adequate organisations are prepared, and citizens are warned.

Some european contries consider to establish special goverment department for bird flue!

Are we ready for bird flue?
It is confirmed!
Swans brings bird flue to Croatia. It is H5 subtype, but it's not comfired it is deadly for people or not!
6 swans died two days ago someware about city Orahovica in north part of Croatia. Entire erea 20 km around is under quarantine!
Does anyone know?
In case the birdflue learns from the normal influenza and develops to a form that harms the people, will it help to be vaccined against that "normal form" of influenza?

I am curious on the opinions, in order to be able to react properly if that shall happen (I understood from doctors around, that the mutation is expected and very probable).
Lord Klorel
The bird flu that is growing on in croatia, is the H5N1 version of the flu and it is this version that can kill all the humans that are contaminated with the illness.

The normal vaccin for influenza is not enough.

One of the vaccins called influvac that is used in this period of the year has the following anti-viruses H3N2 and H1N1. This versions are called the normal influenza viruses, but the evil form H5N1 can not be destroyed by our defence system.

But recently i readed that scientists are working on a vaccin that should protect us from the evil form. But the creation of the anti-virus is busy, but with the testing periods it will take almost 2 or 3 years when the vaccin can go public. When the vaccin is ready for using, then will all the persons that work or live in a danger zone for the virus be the first humans that can get the vaccin.

It will only be given to the humans that are not living in a danger zone, only when the virus go in pandora's version.

I hope that you have an idea about how serious this evil virus is.
Muhahaha, no.

If we have another epidemic like the ones in 1918-1919, one out of three people will die on earth.
I'm in Texas, a long way from Croatia...but this is still pretty scary stuff. Do you think it will be as bad as they say, or is it just being blown out of proportion through the media?

Remember SARS?
Lord Klorel wrote:
The bird flu that is growing on in croatia, is the H5N1 version of the flu and it is this version that can kill all the humans that are contaminated with the illness.

It is not confirmed that virus in Croatia is H5N1 type, still waiting results from European experts. There was two places where swans died, and both are totaly decontaminated. In entyre erea 3 km around all birds are killed and every inch of land was decontaminated.
Except swans, no other birds are contaminated.
Swans come's from Ukraine.

There's definitly no danger for humans. Virus can't survive at temperature over 50 C. So if you cook meat, virus will be disabled. You can only be in danger if you in nearest touch with deassesed animal or eating fresh meet (people in China for example drinks fresh chicken blood in some kind of ritual and got virus!)

In Sweden one duck died from bird flu, and in Russia is big problem, as I can heart in media....
Experts from Waybridge, U.K. announce today that virus which killed infected swans in Croatia is dangerous H5N1 type. This type is most dangerous for humans, and we can be very happy that our goverment takes high actions in infected area.
There's no reports about new infected birds, and thats good.
Lord Klorel
Recently i heard in the news that there were birds in germany that have the bird flu.
But it is unknown of it is going over the dangerous type of bird flu.

I readed on a belgian website that the USA is having a meeting over the possible threat of a padamian version of the bird flu.

The scientists believe that the flu has the power to mutate in a version that infect from human to human. If this happen that we will the same as the spanish flu of 1918-1919. Of this flu will mutate to a pandamian version is not certain, but there will be a pandamian illness.
It makes no sense for people to track the progress of bird flu and hope that it will not reach their lands. There is no doubt that within a couple of weeks bird flu or more specifically H5N1 will have reached the majority of places on Earth where birds exist (at least in the temperate or semi-tropical climate zones that the virus flourishes in). The only hope is that the virus will not mutate into a more potent version that can easily spread from one human to another. Thankfully such a virus does not exist yet, however if it will be born it will cause great damage. Therefore, we should follow developments from East Asia more closely, since the highest risk of mutation is there.
Anyone know where this bird flu originated/what started it??? I'm curious.

and (good old wikipedia).

Sorry I'm too lazy to quote from them.
After my last report here in Croatia situation is great! No other birds with flue!!!
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