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My Wallpapers

My Wallpapers....

You could rate?



Thanks Dudes! Wink
Howdy Smile

I hope I can critique too, and not just rate.

The first one is my favorite out of the two, and I'd give it a 6/10. It has fresh, bold colors and exemplifies the Jamaican Spirit. The Text, "Free Your Demons With A Think C----ed Love" is hard to read, and for a moment I didn't understand what "A think C----ed" was. I think you may have typos in it as well - did you purposely put those typos in there? Again, the text is hard to read - I'd change it. I might even change it to the point of color, as well. I'd maybe try to play around with colors from the lion. I'd give it a little shadow as well - subtle shaddow. Speaking about the Lion - it isn't centered on the Wallpaper, so - if used - it wouldn't be centered on the screen either. Underneath the Lion is "WindowsJah". I like the typography, but it isn't centered under the Lion. Underneath that is "The Revolution Has Begin Again". You may have used a word wrong there...was that done purposely?

The second one - hmm, seems a bit rushed. Seeing what you did in the first one, this piece leaves me a bit shocked. I'd give it a 3/10. It doesn't strike my eye as much as the first one did. The first one, if adjusted well can be absolutely beautiful! This second one - I'd save as "practice work" :-p...please don't take that harshly. The entire piece seems a bit fuzzy. I like your work with layers, however I don't like your typography here. The font is great, but the way it is used - maybe where it is positioned - isn't striking. From what I can see, you may have used a gradient layer, a layer for text, layer for Bob Marley, and a layer for the M. Leaf. You may have overdone it with Gaussian Blur. Aside from that, there isn't anything else striking that shows you put a lot of time and energy into this piece. I know you can do better because of what you showed us in your first piece.

Is it possible for you to mainstream the techniques used in your first piece and expound on them? In other words, try to use the same techniques several different ways to produce different results. Post those Wallpapers, and let's see what we get Very Happy

Overall good job, though - keep up the cool work mate!

Masochistic Tendencies
Eh the bottom one is fine but the top one...well it's got to much empty space in it with the line that goes across it. Shocked
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