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How to Become a Famous Singer

Millions of people about seeing their name in lights and becoming the next great singer. Shows like "American Idol" have made the dream even closer to reality for some who might not otherwise get the opportunity. However, it takes a bit more than just drive to become a famous singer. Read on to learn how to become a famous singer and start the long road toward realizing your dreams of stardom.

Begin by sitting down and making a list of qualities that will allow you to reach the height of fame. Be honest about your singing abilities, appearance, will power, drive and determination. Measure this list against your qualities that you need to overcome or work on that could get in the way of you becoming a singer.

Hire a vocal coach to help you hone your singing skills. Locate a teacher using a local newspaper, the Internet or school programs. Find someone who is both accomplished and whom you can work with on a personal basis to begin helping you with your formal vocal training.

Take any opportunities to sing in contests or on a commercial level. Network with local labels and recording studios. Look for someone who would be willing to let you record a demo after you have received sufficient training and experience.

Record a demo of four songs that showcase your personal style and talent. Get those demo tapes to major record executives in any way possible. Take any opportunity to sing at nightclubs, talent shows, karaoke bars, choirs and commercial opportunities as talent scouts frequent these locations. Maintain an image that fits your personality and stay consistent with the stage presence you wish to project to potential music scouts.

Be persistent in pursuing a recording deal. Distribute your demo to any and everyone who is interested and follow up after you have distributed your recording for feedback and criticism to help you with your search. Establish yourself on a local level to catch the attention of larger entertainment entities.

how to become a famous singer
Uploading of your videos online can help said.
You could go the "Lady Gaga Route". Well, you still need to sing great (like Ms Gaga), but I find her style is quite popular with the youngens these days. And when I say "style" I mean outrageous outfits, fish-net stockings, and a giant transparent egg-like exterior when you're making public entrances. Being bathed in animal blood while performing is also a plus.
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