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South Park

hey anyone who likes south park post somthin here!
South park is the best. because its funny. and its got kenny and eric cartman rules. anyone know oh holy night by eric cartman, its so funny.
headless wrote:
South park is the best. because its funny. and its got kenny and eric cartman rules. anyone know oh holy night by eric cartman, its so funny.

Yep...I've got's hialrious! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Ha yeah. ZAP.
S3nd K3ys
Chef's parents were on the other nite. The kids came in and Chef's parents called them 'crackers' twice!

Laughing Laughing Laughing
That show is hilarious as hell. The season premiere was funny as shit. Same with Drawn Together. I hope it says on long time.
south park is a great show. not only is it funny, but most of the times the episodes have some morals ;D.

havent been watching it for a long time though. have to get myself all the seasons ;D
south park is the best, cartman is amazing
It's amazing that the show has been on this long and still is funny.
and they still keep killing kenny Very Happy Very Happy
Cartman is so hilarious, he is definitely my favorite character. I don't get to watch South Park that much though, because I am usually watching Family Guy that late at night. I like the one where Cartman thinks he is a ghost and goes into a bank being robbed and confuses the hell out of the robbers becasue he is like "oooooohhhh" and acting like a ghost. You really have to see that one haha. Cool
South Park is great, it's so hilarious yet it's intelligent for the most part; which I love. It's still funny after all these years...
treee fiddy.
the movie is the best as well. except when you see big gay al's small gay schlong.
yeah Smile i've seen yesterday the new episode from season 9. and it was nice
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I looooooveee it. It is the best cartoon I have ever seen in my life !!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, I's the greatest thing in the whole world Wink
I've got all 8 (now 9) series, and watching all time long Twisted Evil
I must of seen all of the south park eps.

The best is always the first, '101 Cartman gets a anal probe' (spelling). Because its always the first that is the best with anything! (Apart from programs, new ones are better. Old is just old with them!)
Long live cartman.
Raven The Dark Angel
Ahh yes South Park. I think what appeals most to me about this show is how they toss in political views or whatever current even is happening and run away with it all with bashing some celebrities such as the Starvin Marvin one with Barbra Strizand (spell?) or the Jennifer Lopez one with Ben Afflict (spell?) liking Cartman's hand. OMG! Haha. Another appeal is the morals like some said above or the lessons learned.

My favorite episode would have to be the ADD one. I love the compleate point the show makes and how they just diagonse everyone with it. Chef's solution is the best. Another favorite of mine would have to be the one where the Priest triest to change the Document of Holy Vatican law. When he went threw the cave of trials I laughed so hard I spit out my soda. Good stuff. Laughing

There's nothing like making fun of everyone and everything. Nothing is left untouched by these guys. Long live South Park! Very Happy
south park is a very funny!!!...
I love the theme song and the song during the credits. Good show, good show...

I'm also glad they stopped killing Kenny EVERY episode. It was getting old.
WHAT?!?! You don't like Kenny dieing in every episode? Thats what made the South Park series GREAT! It has to be the best series out there other than King of the Hill.
Cartman and timmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa should do a rock album together, just hope it doesnt get hijacked by mecha streisand.
hey south park fans post here who your favorite character is
Can anybody tell me which is the latest episode of Southpark??
I thought I had all the episodes. But I started to doubt now.
Episode 912 is "Trapped in the Closet".

It's about scientology, a new religion (?) started by fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, read for more info about scientology, I bet you won't believe it!

It didn't have much of Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in it though, Most of it was Stan.

My favorite episode right now is the Raisins one, followed very Closely by "Stupid Spoilt ****** Video Playset" and "Quest for ratings"

The worst, was ep 911 - Ginger Kids.
Hmm... My Favourite episode is "Return Of The Fellowship Of The Rings".
Thats one amazing episode.

the way butters goes crazy about the porn movie thinking its the Lord Of The Rings Very Happy
Masochistic Tendencies
Yeah South Park is cool but the "They killed kenny" thing gets pretty old. Confused
Yeah, Return of the fellowship of the ring to the two towers is pretty cool too, My Second favorite quote from south park is from this ep, When Cartman said "We're Seriously, High Elf", I cracked up man!

My favvie quote is from the Trent Boyet Episode (I think it's called "Pre-School") When Kyle Says in the hospital "We don't have to worry about Trent Boyet, All we need to do is to get some protection" and Cartman Yells out "How the hell are condoms going to help us?" Fukcing Hillarious Man!

Oh, and they don't do "They killed kenny" now. Notice how in 909 "Marjorine", they give Kenny the remote to blow up the future telling device. I thought, "I know What's gonna happen", but Oh My god! They didn't kill kenny!
Astérix the Dragonslayer
headless wrote:
South park is the best. because its funny. and its got kenny and eric cartman rules. anyone know oh holy night by eric cartman, its so funny.

cartman is the best charater in the show he always got some thing mean to say mostly to Kenny
very very very funny show/movie. hope it is never canceled until the creators have all died of "heart attacks". wednesday brings joy to my week (south park and drawn together)
Does Southpark still on???

I heard that it has been stopped a while ago.
Please do lemme know whether its still on coz.. i wanna download the other episodes which I dotn have now.
i never there is a Southpark topic here...its an awesome series...i really love watching fav character is Eric Cartman and the way he says "You stupid son of a bit**...ill..i...umm..ill kick you in the nu**" and i like Spontanous Combustion epsiode a lot, mostly because of the way the tv guys says about Randy Marsh, "Now we all knoe the reason for all this is Randy Marsh, that son of a bitc* who calls himself a scientist, we caught up with Mr. Marsh eariler today and he had this to say" "i dont know what to say" "what an a**hole, i hate that guy nd so do you"

i really really love that part in the enitre series...any idea of which is the latest epsiode in thi series...i have seen it till Cartman Club!!!
Best episode of south park (in my opinion): The one where butters gets a ninja star in the eye and the kids keep seeing themselves in an anime type cartoon. Brilliant!
Even Chinpokomon was very good.
"ALABAMA MAN" Very Happy
Cartman SINGING? OMG!!!
It's The Best Program
yea, i like and i like when kyle kiks the baby !
Ha ha, did anyone see the episode on the Church of Scientology? Hilarious stuff. I liked the end credits with the John Smith and Jane Smith.

I love TIMMYYY!!

Timmy rocks !!!
Its very funny cartoon
It's a funny cartoon but it's begginning to lose it's grip on me. I prefer Family Guy.
Southpark is awesom. I whatch every night i think t is the greatest wow it is good! I like it so mu8csaknch I whatych it every night. I t is cool
I love the Michael Jackson episode, haha. I mean... Mister Jefferson.
JLC wrote:
It's a funny cartoon but it's begginning to lose it's grip on me. I prefer Family Guy.

Same here. I remember watching the first few episodes on tv years ago, I have them on tape, but I've recently been losing intrest in it. I know Family Guy has been around for a while but I just recently started watching it like a year ago. It's hilarious, I prefer it over South Park.

South Park is now being aired on basic cable, the local UPN channel for me. I think it was fine on Comedy Central. I don't know why they would do that because I know that a lot of young kids watch it. I'm not too old myself, but my 6 year old neice watches that channel and I wouldn't want her to stumble onto South Park, especially since they don't censor any of the bad words.
Hmm.. Isnt Southpark aired on Comedy Central anymore??
I have seen all the series Smile Mwhahahahahahaa. I prefer South Park because it is inspired by reality, more or less, and it is a great mode to spend some time.
south park is a great show. not only is it funny, but most of the times the episodes have some morals ;D.

havent been watching it for a long time though. have to get myself all the seasons
cartman rules, he's surely one of the cutest nasty characters you are ever likely to see, with his childish weakness for gluttony and toys but strangely adult tastes in music and movies.

who else would get elephants and a fairground ride on their birthday?
hehe south park is the best cartoon in history! i like it because it is childish but still mature i dont know how to say it otherwise! I really like the way cartman and kenny speak because it doesnt metter wjhat they say its already funny!!
South Park Rules, Its one of my favourite series with Boondocks and many others. I like Cartman the most, He is somewhat like me, A business type of person. I'm not fat but anyhow. My favourite line is Breaking my balls, Instant classic.
with a doubt in the world anyone can say that Southpark rocks, i dont live in US but still i have all the episodes downloaded from the net and i watch them when ever i feel low of something, Cartman rules all the way, he is the best, he is anoying he dosent listen to anyone, and has something to say all the time, he is a genius. and someone said something about "oh holy night by eric cartman" what is this i have never heard about it. can anyone tell me about this please?

and the latest episode is Bloody Mary, this one is really awesome man, just watch it to believe it...
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