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Blackberry vs. iPhone app availability

Tony The Tiger
I have heard that the reason that iPhone has more app availability than Blackberry is that the iPhone demographics skew toward younger users. This is because younger users have a greater demand for apps. Thus, it is more profitable to create apps for iPhones whose users are more likely to by them. I thought it was just that there are more iPhone users. Which is true?
There is no doubt that iPhone is best as compareto BB, but if you have BB in group, then no competition...
There are more iPhone User and More Apps in Apple Store.
But it has less free apps when compared to Paid Apps.
I think it's also just that the iPhone is more popular. Blackberry used to be the standard for business and such before the iPhone came around, but now Blackberry's falling fairly far behind compared to Apple and Google, so there's going to be less apps available.
I agree. Also, Apple makes it easy for developers to make iphone apps by giving them nice developer tools and at the same time publish it in the apple store. The chance for profit, or even just the 'prestige' in having your app accepted into the app store attracts many developers.
Tony The Tiger
cbhattarai wrote:
There is no doubt that iPhone is best as compareto BB, but if you have BB in group, then no competition...

I don't understand what you are saying. Are you talking about phone quality or app availability? What does the phrase "BB in group" mean?
iPhone definitely has a lot of apps no doubt about that. Blackberry is good but its not for general users I guess. I have been using blackberry for a year now and I can say that its not that user friendly than iphone.

iphone is so easy to use even a grandma could use it without a hassle. So, this make a lot of userbase for iphone and hence a great opportunities for app developers.

On the other hand apps in Blackberry is limited and more restriction is imposed for so called non supported country. I belong to so called unsupported country and I cannot use official apps for facebook, twitter etc and my blackberry is just restricted to make and receive call.

This is the reason why blackberry is moving downhill and I won't be surprise if they go out of business after 10 years time.
Tony The Tiger
G-telware wrote:
Hi, I think Blackberry Application Availability is much better, it can contain Dual Sim Adapter.

What are you talking about. Blackberry has far fewer apps than either android or iPhone. This is not debateable.
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