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My granddad died today

David Bernard Michael Early (snr)
02:30 GMT 27/03/2012

74 years old. My dad's dad.

Liver cancer that was diagnosed a few weeks back.

I am not sad that he has died, I am sad that I will never be able to say hello to him again.

I don't know how to grieve, and everyone does it differently, so I guess when the time is right, I will know.

Love you Grandpa x
Sorry to hear about your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Sorry to hear about your loss. Nice that he is released from his pain as that must have been excruciating, but not so nice for the people who will miss him.
Sorry to hear your loss. However, very few people get the opportunity to have the company of their grand parents. They are so-o nice. Although he is gone, his blessings will always be with you.May his soul rest in peace.
I was 16 when my granddad died. He was my mentor, my teacher, my cohort and my best friend. He got me into trouble, and taught me how to get out of it, he taught me the fine art of sarcasm, and regaled me with his stories of combat in WWII and Korea(he was called to both). We watched Hawaii 5-0 together, and he was delicate with my grandmother who ultimately outlived him. When he came back from Japan in 1945, she didn't allow him to drink alcohol anymore because of "shell shock". So he made brandied fruit. As an 8 year old, I discovered the wonders of brandied fruit on Christmas morning. My grandfather, that same day, discovered the wonders of holding a conversation with a drunk 8 year old. They were better times.

I will always miss him. His name was Paul. But to me, he was just grampa. Thank you for honoring your granddad, as it reminds me of mine. At this moment, I raise a toast of dark beer, in honor to your lineage as well as mine, and may we both be as loved by those who come after us as we have loved those who have come before us.

Cheers. I love you grampa P.
Sorry to hear about your loss, Mesdesignz. May his soul rest in peace, and may you find strength and closure as well.
I had a grandpop that was diagnozed with cancer, spread to his back!

He was left 6 months to live...

he told the doctor to ****** off!

He survived! He had terrible pain for a year, then the cancer stopped growing by itself...

He died 10 years after from a mistreatment - in bleeding ulcer... He got an ulcer from all the booze and the tobacco and the doctor gave him anti inflammantion medicine Shocked that treatment make the ulcer bleed more.... Laughing
Hey condolences..Everyone's gotta die some or the other time.
I hope he Rests in peace.
Sorry to hear about your loss.

It's never nice when someone you love must leave this World. I've never really known how to deal with death myself. I've experienced the death of many of my little animals, and a few people in my life have died. I'm usually very sad, often struck by memories of the past and the weight that I can never see them again or hear their voice. That's what got me with my guinea pigs, as silly as it may be. I was young when my first guinea pig died and I loved her terribly. It still gets to me when I think of her and how long ago it was that she died. But I think it's okay if you get a little sad thinking back on a memory you have, because that means you care for them a lot.

You do what you feel is right in order to grieve, but it will always take time. I don't know if it ever stops, the grieving. I think its a continuous cycle, a cycle that might shorten each time it comes around. It doesn't hurt to think of them, to visit their grave and talk to them, write a letter. Think of them often to hold their memory close and never forget who they were...
OH, I am sorry for you. But people always going to die.
Sorry to hear about this.
Oh... Sorry to hear about that. Sad It's really hard when we lose someone important to our lives.

My grandfather (mom's father) died because of lung cancer. I was a five-year-old kid back then.
When he was still living, I've seen him visit the doctor several times but I was really unaware of how serious his situation was. Confused Nobody told me about his serious condition. They say "Grandpa has a lung cancer but he'll be fine. The doctor will cure him and the cancer will go away."

Then just one day, my uncle hurriedly went to our home and told us that grandpa can't breathe. We brought him to the hospital but after some minutes, my aunties started to cry. I was like "Hey, why are you guys crying?". While crying, my one of my aunts told us (me, my siblings and cousins) that grandpa's gone. I didn't cry instantly... my mind went blank first. Then when my tears began to flow, I just can't stop! Crying or Very sad

When I was in kindergarten (age 4), I placed 2nd in the class. Because of this, I'll be given an award on the recognition day. When grandpa was still alive, he asked me: "Whom do you want to go on stage with you on your recognition day? Grandpa or grandma?". I said "Grandma". The next recognition day I went to (age 5), he was already gone. Crying or Very sad I really regret it. I mean, that's the first and last recognition day he's there. Crying or Very sad

Of all the memories I had when I was 4 and 5, these parts are the clearest. I just hope, grandpa's okay wherever he is.

Oohh... This is getting too long. I'm sorry for taking up much space. haha. Laughing I just can't stop typing when I started it. xD Sorry again.

May your grandfather's soul rest in peace and I hope, he's safe wherever he is. Smile
Thanks to everyone on the forums.

Its good to talk about it
Condolence, sir!
I'm so sorry..
I don't think there is a way to grieve..
You remember when it happened to me I suppose and I still don't know.
Live your life in a way that would make him proud Smile that's the best thing to do.. xxxx
So sorry to hear that...
I miss my grandpa too. He passed away when I was four. I can't remember much about him now. But I can't forget the smell of the decoction from the kitchen, where my grandma was.
Sorry to hear that man. My grandpa passed a few years back and sometimes you just need to let it all out. It takes a month or two to start coming back to normal and not get emotional on a subject.
His funeral is the Friday Smile
Sorry to hear the news! My heart goes out to you!
Sorry to hear about your loss.

Never have I been so moved... The death was sudden but expected, but I never expected the moving tributes, the love and the happiness that was shown at his funeral this past Friday.

Thanks to everyone on FriHost for your sympathies
Sorry to hear your lost... Condolence.

For sure , they will be rested in peace.
Shit ... I'm really sorry. Lean on your family more than ever.
Pomelete wrote:
Shit ... I'm really sorry. Lean on your family more than ever.
We're all leaning on each other Very Happy
Sorry for your loss. My condolences.

spatel wrote:
Sorry for your loss. My condolences.


Thanks Very Happy
I lost my grand father 2 years ago. That was the first time in my life I lost someone so close to me. It kind of did not go down well on me. I still remember him.

He was 86 when he passed away.
pass my condolence to other member of your family . may his soul rest in perfect peace.
My condolences to you and your family.
Thanks Smile
I'm really sorry for your loss and I hope you're okay ):
I am ok... Yesterday was my dad birthday, and it kinda got me down a little... Im more upset for my dad than myself Sad
May God give your family the strength to bear the loss
Thanks for all the support and the well wishes... Very much appreciated SmileSmileSmile
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