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Nokia 5230 + Android

Do you used Nokia 5230?
 66%  [ 2 ]
 33%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 3

Did you used Nokia 5230?
Can you setup Nokia 5230 with Android? Maybe Android1.5...
Hello my friend, I don't think that is ever possible. Android requires a high processor for it to run properly and the Nokia 5230 doesn't have that. You can try other symbian custom firmwares designed for that phone model though. Or if you want an android you can check out budget android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Y. Smile
There are lots of generic android companies now too, like Huawei, that make pretty decent devices. I really liked my Huawei phone.

Here's a tip. You don't need to have the latest flavor of android to have fun. Most people are not on ice cream sandwich yet, but instead are still on froyo which is android 2. Getting something with at least android 2.3 will help your experience. There are a couple things below Android 2.2 that were really not good like you were not able to store apps on the SD card of the phone. This means all apps have to be installed to the phone memory which is often times limited. If you get above android 2.3 then your experience won't be that much different then if you were on android 4 (ICS). I don't have anything running on my android 4 devices that won't also run on my huawei android 2.2 phone. I cannot, however, store apps on my SD card on the phone, and that's really the only frustrating thing about the device, but that's because Huawei never released the Android 2.3 update for my version phone. Outside of that one issue it browses the web, and plays games just fine. There is something to say about froyo needing a lot less processing power than ice cream sandwich -- if you are running android 2.3 then the devices doesn't need to be anywhere near as strong or fast. Outside of this Android has won awards for memory management and application management as it does a wonderful job of remaining available to the user.

If you can spare some extra money I recommend checking out ASUS transformer... this is a great system! ASUS is making Apple look bad!
i just see somebody setup Android with 5230, maybe, you can search "android for 5230" by google
Twisted Evil
no it is not possible to install android os on Nokia 5230, however there are some ways to change the way it looks similar to android phones but your phone will not be able to install android apps. you can install android only on nokia phones that come with linux based os like nokia N900 but you can not install any other os rather than symbian on symbian based ones. so i recommend you to get a android phone if you like it.
maybe just for fun.
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