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Love Troubles

Has anyone watched anime "Love Troubles" , it is actually a sweet anime, I've found it few days ago.

Description: Alien princess Lala Satalin Deviluke runs away from her marriage proposals and ends up on Earth, where she ends up staying with a high school boy named Yuuki Rito after literally dropping into his bathtub. Shortly after her arrival, they're assailed by two guys dressed in black, but Lala's invention saves the two of them from certain capture.

The next day, Rito tries to confess his feelings for his long-time crush Sairenji Haruna, but his words fall on Lala's ears instead! She accepts his feelings and tells him they're now engaged right in front of Haruna! And with this, Rito's life takes a very strange turn.

01. The Girl Who Descended
02. Engagement Cancellation!?
03. Love Triangle
04. Love Apron of the Universe
05. The Queen's Written Challenge
06. The Alien Assassin
07. This Is How It Should Be For Every Man!
08. Upright and Clean-Handed Public Morals Comittee Member
09. Including Love from a Star
10. The Female Performer From Space
11. Golden Darkness
12. Hair-Rising Sports Festival
13. The Number One Man in the Universe
14. Secret of the Two
15. Princess of the Jungle
16. Run's Assaulting Confession Time
17. Ghost of the Old School Building
18. Saruyama the Souvenir
19. Hell's Hot Springs! Female Space Aliens' Seven-colored Fall
20. Explosive Heat Girl
21. Record of Yuuki Pavilion's Bloody Wind
22. Tremble With Fear! Culture Festival
23. Saruyama's Harem Legend
24. When I'm Shy
25. The Earth's Last Night
26. Lala

The description and episode list is for the first season. In the first season there are 26 episodes, hope you enjoy watching if you will.
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