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Gun storage

I had a free afternoon, a lot of guns to store, and little room to store them... and this is what I did:

2x2 lumber, pegboard, a variety of pegboard hooks & holders, and some masking tape to turn the metal pegboard hooks into non-marring surfaces... a little sawing, a few screws and nails, and viola!
Awesome professional-looking gun rack!

Long guns, top to bottom:
Mosin Nagant: 7.62x54r WWI, WWII Russian infantry rifle
Remington 710: 30.06 hunting rifle with a good scope. Cheap, but tolerably accurate and very durable.
NEF Pardner: 12ga single-shot, break-action shotgun
Savage 22: .22 rifle, semi-auto
(left) Draco AK pistol: Shortened Kalashnikov with no stock, semi auto. (very loud, very fun, not very accurate)
(right) Arsenal 1975 bullpup kit AK: Full-length AK in bullpup configuration; my very favorite rifle.
...And, hiding over in the far left is a cheap .380 pocket pistol from Jimenez arms; stored here rather than placed somewhere useful like my other pistols* because it isn't very useful -- my accuracy with it is terrible.

*My other pistols, I keep where they are most useful.
My favorite, the .45 auto goes on my nightstand where it would be easy to grab from the bed, but where it isn't visible to someone standing at the door.
The other two, my nagant revolver and 9mm auto go on a shelf next to the door, making them convenient to grab as I go out. (the revolver I use for hiking and horseback riding, the 9mm for everyday concealed carry.)

Each gun has a small store of ammo next to it, for complete convenience. (Though I have yet to unpack the extra ammo for the two rifles on the top; hence the empty bins for those.)
(They're all stored in what I like to call 'one off' configuration; they are all fully loaded, but need one action to be taken before they can shoot; for some, that's turning off the safety, for others that's cocking it, for others, that's racking a round into the chamber.)

The extra bit of pegboard I cut off was used to make an addition to the side; there you can see hanging my bridle, an extra bit, and all the extra hooks I ended up not using for the rest.
(Storing the bit and bridle inside, so it stays warm. No good putting a freezing cold bit into a horse's mouth!)

All in all, a good day's work, I'd say!
It looks really cool, all the guns are stored compactly, and yet ready to get out and use at a moment's notice... and it's made in such a way that I can easily rearrange and reconfigure it if I want to add or remove guns from the collection there.
It's amazing what a little peg board will do for organization! It looks like it came together nicely and functional. It reminds of the gun rack of Burt and his wife from Tremors (except a significantly less weapons)

Once I settle into a place (rather than moving around every few years) I will definitely be building a similar setup, but probably in a closet, or inside a wall, or at least somewhere a little more secure than out in the open.
ha! glad to live in a place where someone with a closet like this would most likely be a paramilitary, mafiosi, or something like that! though, might be normal somewhere else...
that would be a firearm display rather than storage, but what a sweet collection you have here. This is in your office or garage?
In a corner of my one-room apartment.
Cool ,So many gun?,,,,cool
sweet collection you have here Very Happy
My, such cultural/legal differences in "storage"!
We'd need to have trigger/muzzle locks on the firearms, and the ammunition also locked (and I think stored somewhere else).

It's a nice collection, though.
same here, guns would have to be locked and ammunition stored in a different place -
and you wouldn't be supposed to have guns at home if you were not a ranger, a security guy, policeman or something similar. of course there ARE people having some firearms at home for no job-related reason, but usually a big part of those must be considered as somehow WEIRD. also there can be found many other weirdnesses, like for example animal-hoarding. so the point of difference is that an animal hoarder might have a rather harmless tic, as for the guy with the guns, beware.
i'm aware that this does not apply to countries where anyone ('normals' and 'weirdoos') has a pistol in his bedside-locker, if it isn't below his pillow, and the boys, when they become twelve, get a rifle as a rite of passage. nevertheless i don't feel comfortable thinking about that.
One of the many reasons why the United States differs so much from many other countries. I think gun safety is highly dependent on the situation, for example if I had young children present I would not have my guns in such a format. I would have a locked gun locker for them. I think laws requiring them is just a governments way of trying to make it look like it is doing it's job when in reality I don't think it would make them any more safe!

Not to mention this format would also leave weapons open to humidity which is some parts of the country is high enough to cause rust even with a good coat of oil.
Awesome storage and awesome set of guns stored there. Looking at buying a pistol myself. Thinking about a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Compact.
Can't speak of any personal experience with the M&P 9mm. I can however highly recommend the Keltech PF-9 which has impressed me with it's comfort for CC and extremely small form factor. I've had it for 2.5 years now, and my only complaint is the short grip, which is easily solved by the +1 mag extended.
Looking at that particular gun because its offered at a cheap rate for those who do a service (ie military police, fire, ems, etc) For the gun itself looking at around 400 new. Can't really beat that price
Most new PF9's are going for $300 or so. Are you looking for a CC gun or just something for fun. I guess it depends on whether your looking for a full size semiauto pistol or something easier to carry and conceal. I was looking for something small and concealable for personal defense, larger heavier pistols just don't do it for me personally. This review doesn't speak too highly of the M&P, but they are comparing it too a Glock which is always a tough competitor!
It's crazy how your allowed to keep all them guns, if we had something like that in England there would be riots! Laughing
BrightSparx wrote:
It's crazy how your allowed to keep all them guns, if we had something like that in England there would be riots! Laughing

Its one of the greatest thing you can have being a US Citizen. Although a lot of people are fighting for making it stricter and stricter. And lets just remember there is a reason that we have the 2nd amendment...
Actually I cant wwrite almost anything. Helllllp mmeee!ňňu`j`ty`b`g`g`g`t`rčŕů Sad Confused
Thank god that you can't carry guns in a public place in NZ! even some of the cops don't wear a firearm (Taser always worn) and when they do, except for the Armed Response Unit, it is never bigger than a pistol. I like guns and enjoy a bit of shooting, but I like to know that if I see a gun in public I can call the Police, not wait to see if the person is mentally deranged! different culture I guess.
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