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Venue shuts down...

I work part time as a live music promoter for various venues.

One of the venues has shut down so I did the right thing in informing all the bands playing about their gigs having to be rescheduled or cancelled all together.

For this particular venue, I was working on behalf of the venue, rather than as a hired promoter.

One of the management companies for a band that was booked to play in a few weeks time has said it was my responsibility to ensure the booking goes through, so I am responsible for all fees owed.

I have given him a number for an alt. promoter in the same area who should be able to put his act on, but he seems to think that isn't good enough.

What more could I do?
Was any kind of contract signed? If not, he can get stuffed. If so, you're bound by the terms outlined. Anything outside of that has no weight.

It was nice of you to offer up other venue bookers, though Smile
Did you actually book the act i.e. sign the contract? If not, they can blow it out their ...! If so, did you sign the contract on behalf of the venue for yourself as a promoter providing the venue?
Hey medezigns, this is the UK so unless they've actually suffered any tangiable losses such as deposits for pre-booked transport or verifiable cancellations they made for other venue offers as a result of your booking, it would be unlikely that any county court would award anything to them.

I obviously don't know the details, but my gut instinct would be to front it politely and advise them that their only recourse would be through the courts - don't refuse, dispute the debt instead, in writing - they will know as well as you or I how complicated, time consuming, lengthy and expensive it is to take civil court action, and with your defence being based on 3rd party unforseen circumstances, I'd be shocked to hear that a court ruled against you.

If you're worried, pop into your town centre and get a 30 minute free consultation with one of the many lawyers offering this (see a few different ones as well) - or book an appointment with your local free Citizens Advice Bureau and they can give you impartial advice.
I reckon they're just fronting it themselves for a few quid to make up for the cancellation - easy threats which sometimes get results from people who would fear any threatening statements - but to actually go to court over a minor debt? I'd be really surprised ...assuming the band concerned are not in the mega-money U2 or Muse type bigtime. Smile
cheers everyone.

I have not heard anything in regards to the matter any further.

He did mark my email address as a spam account causing a whole heap of hell with google, but I seem to have sorted out the majority of mess. Rolling Eyes
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