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Link kit problem ?

Hello world!

I just came to the mechanic few days ago to make a change of oil and he said that there was a little problem with my link kits on the car. He says that I could surely hear a sound when I go through a bump with the car.
(which I can't hear)

I'm no good in mechanic, so I would like to know if it is important to repair it fast or if it could wait one month or two ?

Is it dangerous for me to drive this car with the problem ?
By 'link kits' I'm assuming he means a part of the suspension...
Your car hasn't been heavily modified has it?
Otherwise, I find it odd that he used the word 'kits'.

1: This doesn't sound like an urgent problem, no.
At worst, you might notice it rides rougher, or that it doesn't steer quite as smoothly.
As long as you're not trying to race it around corners or weave through traffic, that shouldn't be a problem.
If this were my car, and I only had the given information to go on... I would just keep driving it until I noticed a problem.

2: This sounds suspicious. I would have a completely different mechanic look at the suspension. (ONLY tell him to check the suspension, no specifics) and see if the second opinion says the same thing.
Sometimes, when (dishonest) mechanics sense that they're dealing with someone who doesn't know much about cars, they'll invent (or even cause) problems that 'need' to be fixed... which means you'll probably ask them to fix it, which means more money for them.
A favorite trick of the dishonest mechanic is to come back after some unrelated job (like an oil change), and make up a highly technical-sounding problem they noticed while they were working on it... one that needs to be fixed right away... and probably also an expensive one. ... Then they'll spend a few hours (or days!) 'fixing' the 'problem' (sometimes by replacing parts that aren't broken), and then come back, say it's fixed, and charge you a lot of money for nothing.
I'm not saying for sure that's what's going on here... but it would be a good idea to ask a different mechanic to check, just to be sure.
(And if the second one tells you there's nothing at all wrong with it, it would be a good idea to avoid the first one in the future.)
Yeah, thank you very much.

Yes, your true, the ''link kits'' are part of the suspension. (It's because I'm french, I thought it was the same thing in english)It's the part that keeps the wheel with the rest of the suspension

Thank you very much.
Oh, in that case it might actually be important to look at it soon. ^.^

Don't want the wheel coming off while you're driving, right?
GRrr! I'll need to pay 1000$ and more this summer for my car!! Driving cost a lot.
pll wrote:
GRrr! I'll need to pay 1000$ and more this summer for my car!! Driving cost a lot.

Or you could just get a new car.
Both of mine cost that much or less.
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