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the History of Wedding Dresses

Recently one of my cousins is going to get married. They invited me to help them choose a wedding dress. But do you know why people all want to buy a wedding dress for their wedding ceremony?
There is a story of wedding dress. We all know that, in 15s, the royal family of Ireland is crazy about hunting. One day, Richard Earl, one member of the royal family, met a beautiful girl, Miss Rose, when he was hunting in a small town. And these two young men fell in love with each other at the first sight. But the royalty didn’t favor their connection. In order to make Richard gave up the ideal of marrying this young lady, they thought up an ideal. They said they would agree their engagement only if Miss Rose could make out a long dress within a nighttime. “How can that be possible?” Richard cried out. He wanted to elope with Miss Rose. But the intelligent lady persuaded him to put his trust in her.
The next day, when the sun barely show its face, the royal family rushed to the girl’s house, and were anxious to see the disappointment and sadness in the girl’s face. However, to their surprise, the first thing that came into their eyes was that 16 meters long wedding dress. Although they were very disappointment, they had to keep their words and give them a magnificent wedding party.
That night, Mrs. Earl told her husband about the secret. She didn’t do it all by herself but cooperated with all people in the town. Finally, she told Richard nothing is impossible if you had love.
Isn’t this story wonderful?
From then on, people wear wedding dresses in order to memorize them and wish they could lead a happy life just as they did. So, in their opinion, wedding is the first step towards happiness, and they celebrate it by wearing a wedding dress.
In the western countries, people love their wedding dresses to be white, for white means purity and loyalty to each other. However, in china, we Chinese people, especially the elders like red instead. We think red could bring auspicious omen and safety and happiness.
Although different people may have different opinions about which kind of color may bring good luck, we should only bear one thing in the mind that all wedding dresses are blessed by gods and may bring peace and safe to the couples who are getting married.?
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