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Truecrypt Partion Encryption

So I encrypted my other laptop a few days ago and stupid me used a new password and I can not remember it for the life of me. Anyone know how to brute force the bootloader? Or anything about bootloaders? Cause if I can get in and change the bootloader to avoid the hook that Truecrypt adds in then I can boot into my Ubuntu OS since it is on a different drive and then run a brute force from there..... I really need some help here. I sorta know the first 9 characters of the 15-18 character password....

Any help is greatly appreciated.
aaargh, this can be frustrating.
I had the same issue when I reinstalled my debian desktop.
I would say, stay calm and keep trying.
write down all the possible passwords ( on paper ) and try them one at a time and put a checkmark on each password you tried to.
this is a lot better then bruteforce as all this does is go through a list of password, I've tried brute force several times and if you picked a strong password chances are that these brute force applications will not guess it.
No, you can't bypass the bootloader.
I'm familiar with the truecrypt program, and it actually encrypts the partition -- without the password, all the data on that partition will be gibberish.

If you can remember enough about your password, it may be possible to brute-force it... Knowing how long it is, if numbers and symbols were used or not, if it was dictionary words or not...
If you know those things, a brute force password-guessing strategy might just work within a reasonable amount of time.
...I don't know any program to do that at the bootloader level though.
You're probably better off trying it from a bootable cd, trying to mount the partition through the os on the cd. (assuming the cd includes software for brute-force guessing the password)

Unless you've got something really critical stored on that partition, or you think you can remember the password after all, I think your best choice is to wipe the partition and start over... making sure to remember the password this time!

(My favorite kind of password for that sort of thing is a long phrase... (a quote from your favorite book or movie, perhaps?) uses only dictionary words (unless you put people's names in it!), but is very difficult to guess just because of its sheer length... and it's a lot easier to remember a phrase than it is to remember a long jumble of letters and digits.)
I thought I share this has a free program 'Safe House Explorer" that is FREE and works just like Truecrypt but to me seems more user friendly. You can also make a version on a USB drive that makes a copy of the program to open the virtual drive on any computer WITHOUT installing anything on the host computer as it executes right from the USB drive.
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