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Anyone getting excited for the Olympics in England this year

What are your thoughts on England staging the Olympics, do you think we'll make a good job of it, and are you planning on watching it at all?
The torch is to travel all across Britain & a full itinery has been published - it's passing close by my house and also my work, and I'm sure will create a lot of excitements on the streets...should be a busy and interesting summer of sport for us here, with Olympics, European Championship Football, Wimbledon etc to get into.
Like most years I will be watching the opening and closing ceremonies. I do think you should put on a good show Smile I'll probably get roped into watching some sport, but in all honestly I find that boring.

Good luck.
Probably going to watch some sprint events, but overall I prefer the winter Olympics!
Vaguely keen, yes. Am I even vaguely aware of when it starts? No.

But still, it'll be interesting when it happens.
The torch (or one of the 8000 which will be used on the route) will be passing the street next to my house so I'll no doubt pop my head around to have a look.
I'm not really excited by the Olympics anymore than any other year, London is a long way from the South West of England, and even the sailing events, which are quite close a little east from me at Weymouth, will need a telescope to watch as an exclusion zone has been announced on the coastal waters which busted my idea of spectating from a mates yacht!

It'll be a great event, I'm sure, but unless you live in London, or actually have tickets, it won't really be any more accessible than the last one in Beijing Razz

...good luck TeamGB though whatever - and local diver Tom Daley!
Not a huge fan of the Olympics. However I'm looking forward to the GB team in the football event, Beckham captain maybe??
We do our country down a lot these days, but I reckon with the Golden Jubilee for the Queen, the Olympics, and England winning the European Football Championships in Poland/Ukraine ( Shocked ) all in the same summer, we'll see a resurgence of national pride & Britain will be GREAT once again Very Happy

It's nice to dream Wink
This is busy year for sports with olympics, euro cup
Well, you'll all be relieved to hear that the flame arrived here from Greece in one piece - and is now having a leisurely jog around 8,000 miles of Britain's'll be knackered by the time it gets to London!!

Well the Olympic torch passed by my home in Torquay this afternoon so here's a few pics I took:

Lots of people waiting along the seafront route.

Some of the no-nonsense looking Metropolitan Police team (London cops) running with the torch as security.
I wonder how many are involved and how their shifts are timed ...8000 miles is a long beat for anyone Shocked

I didn't think I'd get caught up in the excitement, but in typical tribal fashion with all the crowds, I admit I did Wink

...I'm looking forward to some pics when the flame gets to you wellerchap.

Here's a pic of the last time the Olympic torch came through my town, in 1948, when Torquay held the sailing events:

The 630+ year old arch it was carried through is part of Torre Abbey where a torch hand-over also took place today.
There's a pic of the same place in one of my blog entries last year here for anyone remotely interested.
I really struggled to get within 100m of it today though as the approach was absolutely rammed with people.
Great stuff - and thanks for posting the pictures....I'm really thrilled the British public are embracing this part of the Olympic excitement as much as they are, though I guess this is as close as most of us will get to anything remotely Olympic.
Some of the torch carriers are heroes in their own right too - and most of whom will never get any real acclaim for whatever feats they've achieved...the young lad with one leg for instance, carrying it 300 metres was super.
I'll check the itinery and see when it's here!

edit: 28/6/12
Well, it came to my area on a weekend while I was away in the Lake District, so I missed it....on the day it came to my town in particular, I was back at work Rolling Eyes
My wife & daughter went to see it passing though, and said there was a great spirit about the place.
Many people around are not excited but just keep an eye for it~
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