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Trust Wireless Mouse

Okey, so here's the deal.
i just bought my new mouse, i plugged it in, no drivers were required.
worked perfectly fine, untill the computer went in sleep mode.
i booted the computer up and suddenly the mouse was not working anymore.
i tried everything, putting it in a different USB, changed batteries and all that good stuff but nothing happend. if i move it like a madman, it sometimes does react for a tiny bit..

any suggestions?
Hldv wrote:
no drivers were required.

If the mouse was shipped with a CD you might want to install the drivers anyway.

Hldv wrote:
worked perfectly fine, untill the computer went in sleep mode.

Navigate to Control Panel Device Manager.
Locate the mouse device on the list.
Right click / Properties
Select Power Management.
uncheck allow the device to be switched off to save power.

Hldv wrote:
if i move it like a madman, it sometimes does react for a tiny bit..

IMO normally these "mice" work, or they don't, if the mouse acts 'glitchy' when you move it like a madman I could be 2 things:
1. try a different surface or mousepad
2. check your CPU if it isn't being maxed out
Hmm, i didnt get a CD with it and power management was turned off automatically.
CPU is running at about 15%, so that shouldnt be the problem.

maybe the mouse is just a faulty?
Be sure you connect the receiver directly to the USB port without using HUB or extended cable.
Check in the Device Manager* if the product is correctly installed or if there is any error message reported.
In case that system can not find standard driver automatically, update the driver and specify the location: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers" or C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore" or C:\WINDOWS\inf. If Windows request file’s for the installation, please insert the Windows CD.
-If the problem persists, test the devices on another USB port and another computer.
Try to put it on another USB Host.
I'm also using Microsoft Wireless Mouse and Keyboard.
But i never face this problem.
Mine doesn't work if i put it in a USB 1.0 port. It has to be a USB 2.0 port for me. But I'm not so sure if that's your case since it worked fine for you once. So maybe it really is just a faulty mouse?
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