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A couple changes to an open-source program for 600 coins.

I need a couple changes made to the program graphcalc (
In exchange, I'm offering 600 coins.

A screenshot of the program:

The changes I want are very simple interface issues, to make it more touch-friendly.

1: Make the buttons bigger; all the number and function entry buttons on the screenshot above, as well as all the optional button sets.
(an example of the optional button sets can be seen at the top of this picture:

They are accessed through the view --> button palette menu)
Please make all those buttons 3 to 4 times their current size. (both the standard and the different optional palettes)

2: The program insists on always starting in a small window. Please make it (by default) start maximized. (The larger, maximized window should have plenty of room for the oversized buttons.)

3: (optional) Make as many other interface items as you can oversized as well, like the menus and tabs. ... Making the equation entry for the 2d (and 3d) graphs more touch friendly would be awesome as well, but probably more difficult to code... So I'm willing to have to get out the stylus and/or keyboard for graphing.

4: (optional) Get the graphs to support panning and zooming using multi-touch gestures. (such as swiping with two fingers to scroll or pinch-to-zoom)

...You don't need to do #3 nor #4 here... just mentioning it in case you feel adventurous and want more of a challenge.

This program would make my tablet pretty much the ultimate graphing calculator, except for those two flaws I'm trying to get fixed.
Once those are taken care of, it will be pretty epic.
(And if #'s 3 and 4 get done... that would make it THE ultimate calculator program for touch-enabled devices! ^.^)

The source code (and compiled versions) can be downloaded here:
Oh, and in case you were wondering, I will offer the changed code to the graphcalc publishers, to see if they are interested in distributing this 'graphcalc touch' version.
...Oh, and I guess I should mention, the program has both windows and linux versions; I need it compiled for windows.
You may have better luck if you make the images yourself. Can you do graphics? That's the real time constraint here, and there's always the chance that the original programmer made the buttons the size they are because of some hidden constraint in the program, but that is a small risk, although it's possible.

Likely you are suggesting something that is relatively quick to work out if the graphic work is already completed. Word to the wise that if you do the graphics, and no one helps, then you've completed the graphic work for nothing. Once you are done with the graphics then you could start on the next phase which is to open the compiled code, and see if you can figure out how to switch the images quickly, and if that presents major layout issues, which it probably will.

You may also consider alternate pricing. 600 coins may not be what people are looking for to complete this kind of project.
I dont know but did you try setting run maximized in the properties dialog of the shortcut?
Ghost Rider103
If for some reason you did need two separate people, one to do the coding and one to do the graphics, let me know and I'll get the graphics done for you. Though I can't play any part in any of the coding.

You may also consider alternate pricing. 600 coins may not be what people are looking for to complete this kind of project.

If you're suggesting he uses a different sort of currency, it's probably worth noting that the only currencies allowed in the marketplace are Frih$ and coins. Which I'm sure Ocalhoun is well aware of this.
Embarassed Teach me what I need to know Embarassed and I will happily do it for you, no coins needed.
Trigonomicationalistic wrote:
Embarassed Teach me what I need to know Embarassed and I will happily do it for you, no coins needed.

If I knew how to do it, I'd do it myself.
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