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I broke up with my gf and want her back she, ignores me

Should i try to get back with my gf or is it best to just move on after all of this?
try to work things out over time?
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just move on right now and forget about it
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Its been one week since i broke up with my girlfriend of 1.5 years. Ive recently found out that i have anxiety problems and the reason i broke up with her was from the anxiety of her saying somethings to me. She tends to distance herself from me and i get a freakout. Well this cycle of distancing then freakingout has gone on for two months prior. And it always ends the same way. we break up then get back together. I say mean things out of panic and cant control them.

This past week though it was really bad. now she doesnt want anything to do with me and is ignoring me. All i want is to talk to her and work this out now that im getting treated for my anxiety and have more control. but she doesnt even answer me and has even blocked me on facebook. I feel like ive already given off that annoying ex bf vibe to her.

so ive decided to give her her space for awhile but i dont know what to do after that. i just need some good advice on what else i should do when all i want is to get her back. I love her so much and ik that she loves me too just she doesnt want to be with me and this cycle. i feel like im the shit person all the time.

any advice?
Based on her response, she does not want to have contact with you right now so you probably did the right thing by backing off and giving her some space. Now, off-screen this is a very difficult situation to assess. I have no idea how serious your anxiety problems are, but fortunately you do. As a result parts of the advice may seem harsh or make little sense to you, but that will not be due to the fact that I want to hurt your feelings or want to be mean but simply because I can impossibly assess the entire situation as you can.

Depending on how severe your anxiety problems are, I would suggest letting her be until you have gained greater control of your problem. From your story I can tell that this seemed to be a major form of stress and that it put a lot of strain on the relationship. For now, I would consider focusing on dealing with your anxiety problems and to let your (ex-)girlfriend be for the time being. Reason for this is that it sounds like she has experienced quite some stress over the problem too, so the time off would give her a time to recover (excuse the poor phrasing) from that while you also work on improving and getting rid of (most of) the problem.

After a while you could try to sit down and talk to her if she agrees to meet with you. Try not to sound desperate, certainly do not talk about getting back together when asking her if she wants to meet you, just ask her if she wants to see you because you want to talk. During your conversation you could explain yourself, talk about what happened, express that you are sorry that this also affected her and made her feel bad (assuming that you are sorry about that, which I believe you are). Also tell her that you are working on getting a grip on the anxiety issue as well. Only after that, if everything goes well, could you (I think) consider changing the topic to getting back together. Slowly.

Purely off screen, this is something that I would consider doing. However, I have no complete idea of your situation, I don't know everything that happened, I don't know your (ex-)girlfriend, and most importantly I don't know you as a person and I have no idea of what you are currently feeling. As such, I would also advise you to listen to your own feelings. But whatever you do, try do it slowly and when it concerns her, think about her too.
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