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Hobbies for cats

I have and ADHD-bengal cat that need huge amounts of entertainment and activity. Now I'm asking your help, dear fellow cat owners. What kind of activities you offer to your cats?

Bengal cat is very clever and very active so she has zillion ways to annoy me when I'm on my computer. Especially when I try to do something important like working with my website Very Happy
Uhmm. lol
My cat is not to annoying, so I don't have any special way to avoid him to be annoying. lol
I'm always try to play with my cats. Sometomes me touch its tails and hide. Laughing
abhizz wrote:
I'm always try to play with my cats. Sometomes me touch its tails and hide. Laughing

Actually, I do this too sometimes. Very Happy
I would not say your cat has ADHD. It is just being a cat. Ever consider getting another cat as a playmate?
I have bought my cat toys, trees you name it... what does she like? A card board box that I cut a bunch of holes into. She jumps around and plays a lot in there all by herself. She also does this thing where she goes outside and grabs the bigger wood chips from the neighbors mulch and brings them inside and plays with them in her box.

However, since they are social animals then they will eventually become interested in what you are doing, and it will be the most interesting thing because you are doing it. So every once in a while my kitten starts to think that she wants to play with me and my computer and I use a series of things to keep her distracted as I have been spending a lot of time on my computer working on a couple software projects.

First, cats go through attention stages. Some times they want more or less. If I think my kitten is going to go into one of those moments where she starts driving me crazy, then that is when I stop and give her lots of attention. Sometimes I take it way overboard so she is eventually running away to get away from the attention. This does not hurt our relationship any more than her continuing to annoy me on my computer will. Actually, I've had her jumping on my lap over and over, and eventually, when I wasn't looking, she jumped as I moved my arm so she crashed into it and hit the floor. She was mad at me for days over that accident cause she just wanted some loving, and I wouldn't give it. That's why I stop now and give her more attention then she can handle. She gets her attention, and I get the satisfaction of watching her run away in a few minutes and she usually is done bugging me for a long time.

Sometimes, if I have already played with her a lot that day, then I will go ahead and feed her, but I'm trying to not start habits of always wanting food right in the middle of me posting on frihost, so I break up the time, and I don't let her tell me when it's time to eat. She tries... she loves food! Always willing to act hungry just to see what I will put down, but it's 50/50 she's going to eat it most of the time. I bought some wet food she doesn't care for, and I believe her opinion cause I smelled it and it's rank, but money doesn't grow on trees so she's really just having to eat more of her dry food then she would like cause I haven't gone to the store to replace the bad wet food yet.

BTW, I'm sorry but "Special Kitty" is really not good product. Cats and dogs really aren't that far off from liking the kinds of food we like, but often the only problem is that our food is WAY to high fat content for their slightly inactive life-styles. Sorry, only outdoor pets are slightly active, and even most of them don't have to run for food. I digress ... their food should smell at least somewhat appetizing to you. Cats not so much because they use a lot of pretty foul smelling fish in cat food, but if it's beef or chicken or turkey then it should remotely resemble something that you would eat, otherwise it's simply bad food, which corporate america cares much less about the food quality going to our pets then you think. We throw away food nicer than we feed our animals all the time in this country.

I cannot tell you why, but my cat likes to steal my tweezers from the bathroom, and run and play in the house with them. Every once in a while I'll go to remove a splinter or something, and the tweezers are missing again. I find them somewhere new every time that I forget to put them back behind the mirror on the wall. The only thing I can figure is that they make some kind of weird buzzing noise to her sensitive ears when they slide across the floor because she plays with them for hours, and when I got get them from the mirror she sees them and instantly wants to play. It's strange.

She's stange, and looks like an ewok from star wars, but I love her! Smile
I love cats also because my idol taylor swift is a cat lover and cats are very gentle and sweet Smile
I had a male cat who was also very energetic.
actualy at first we had 2, the brother died after 6 months.
now these 2 grew up together and used to fight/play all the time tearing my appartment up.
after 1 of them passed away the other one got bored and started to become more and more destructive.
We went to the vet. and had him neutered but that didn't realy help so after a while I took it to my parents house where there is a big garden with trees and all where he can go nuts.
every day he brings my parents a 'gift' (birds, mice... Rabbits ) Very Happy sometimes even live ones.

My advise, get enough toys so he/she doesn't destroy your furniture Wink

the cat may have been a pain in the butt but I miss him, even his farts when he was laying between my arms when I was working on my computer Very Happy

Well, I have a very laze cat, but before I had a son I used to do lots of things for her.
One of the things I use to do was a treasure hunt. Every morning before going to work I would lock her in the closet, then hide cat treats all over the apartment, then I would let her out of the closet and encourage her to go find them.

In the begining I would hide them in easy places for her to get how the game went, but then you can start getting creative.

Have fun!
That is interesting, but what happens when you run out of treats? You cat wonders aimlessly in the house all day? Does the cat get into strange places like your closet, or up high on top of things looking for treats? Do you find treats in funny places because you forgot they where you put them?
Marcuzzo wrote:
the cat may have been a pain in the butt but I miss him, even his farts when he was laying between my arms when I was working on my computer Very Happy
That must be a sign of genuine unconditional love! Cool Laughing
Thanks for the great ideas you gave me. The box is a hit in my home too.
I have a dalmatian puppy
My cat is deaf, old cat and lost his hearing with time. The cats hobbie today seems like to hear his own voice! He meow with all his power and can't hear himself... You get mad! I usually throw soft things at the deaf creature, so he can understand how annoying he is.... But I seldom hits him -> deaf but fast...
I presumed that pets function as hobbies for people. Now the pets have hobbies themselves.

Have you considered getting your pet a pet?
Bengal cats are absolutely gorgeous. Have you ever tried using a laser pointer with her? My cats love laser pointers and it tires them out. They wear each other out sometimes, too. Maybe she'd like a friend.
I like to take my cat on very long walks through the various parks in my city. He loves exploring and smelling and getting pet by strangers. Its odd to see a cat being lead on a leash but he loves every ounce of attention that he gets. Give it a try and you just might solve your hyper cat problems!
As someone who doesn't own a pet, I've never even thought about pets having discernable hobbies. I just assumed they did... whatever. Having a pet is a hobby, really. That your hobby has a hobby is interesting.
You can do the laser trick, and see if they have fun chasing a laser pointer dot around. That's what I do with my cat.
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