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Windows XP Pro 64bit

I can't it to even boot of the CD, it either ignore the CD to boot up off of, or it says 'Missing Operating System' and yes this is the proper trial version of windows which I downloaded as a .iso image and then just burnt that image to CD, and I can't figure out what has gone wrong?, yes my computer can run windows XP pro 64 bit.
Infact for some reason it works now, but I don't know what to do, I want to create a new partition but when I press 'C' (to create a new partiton) nothing happens.
Crying or Very sad
Did you create a boot disk or just burned ISO image?
drpiga wrote:
Did you create a boot disk or just burned ISO image?

The ISO image was actually a 'Bootable CD' so there was no need to make it bootable as that was my problem I was making the ISO file bootable not burning the iso image to CD, but it turns out I have a duff trial version and the key didn't work. Though now I have reinstalled using a different CD, and it works well though the apparent lack of applications available on WinXP Pro x64 does get annoying, but most 32bit programs work fine.
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