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We took a chance

S3nd K3ys
I wrote this poem when my first son, Chantz Addison, was born. My wife and I had been married about 8 years, trying to have kids for the last 4 or so. We had no less than 5 miscarriages. It was very hard for my wife to keep getting pregnant after the first couple we lost. She was emotionally drained. It all worked out. We ended up with two beautiful boys. Chantz will be 3 in Dec, Aiden James turned 6 months this month. They've changed my life.

We Took a Chance

We took a chance on friendship
Using desire as our guide,
Reaching deep within our hearts
To where love and hope resides.

We took a chance because we thought
That we could find a way
To fill our lives with happiness
Through each and every day.

We worked so hard to find the one
That could make our lives complete.
One to bring the joy and happiness
With which none could compete.

We tried so many times before,
But couldn’t find the way,
So through the pain and sorrow
We kept trying day by day.

We thought our love was strong enough
To make our future bright,
So we took a Chantz and changed it,
And found out that we were right.

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