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MySQL query limit?

Recently had quite a debacle with my 'unlimited' paid host, where it turns out that while they don't limit space and bandwidth, they do limit the amount of MySQL queries you can run per month...

An now, I've had an idea...
My forum as a whole is much too large for Frihost hosting, but the database isn't (yet).

So the question is, does Frihost have any limit on the number of MySQL queries that can be made?
And I mean any limit. The 'unlimited' host had a limit of 15 million per month, and I overran it.

If Frihost has no limit, then I could move the database here, and save myself the hefty monthly charge they add on to double my query limit.
What do you mean by "My forum as a whole is much too large for Frihost hosting"? Usually in a forum the biggest part is the database unless you store attachments/pictures or other user data or if you count other parts of the website?

In any case, I really don't think that it would be a good idea to host the database on a different server unless it's on the same network and too big for the server to host them both together. You are potentially facing a network delay of 100ms or more per mysql query. And that for potentially hundreds of queries per page. Not to count the other delays. MySQL is also by far responsible for the biggest resource usage in a forum.

By the way, if I counted correctly, 15 million queries per month means about 6 queries per second on average. That is huge - I think it is comparable to these forums and we sure get a lot of pageviews and I optimized it a lot. Maybe you have some plugins/mods that are not made with performance in mind and generate hundreds of queries per page view? I think it might be time to do some optimizing?

So I would say, if you want to move it here, move all of it here instead of just the database (just ask for more space). However I'm not sure if I would be happy with all the load, but the only way to check it is to actually see the impact of it live on the server. Or if you want to stay on your paid host, I'm pretty sure that there is a way to limit the amount of queries somehow to stay under the limit. An alternative is to get a cheap VPS - which is usually a bit more expensive than paid hosting but not that much. You can already get decent ones for 10-15$, however searching for the right provider is not easy and you'll need a lot more work to setup everything unless you get a VPS with control panel (which slows things down).
And to actually answer the question, no we don't have a query limit, just reasonable usage applies. And considering the new server will be massively overpowered for the current websites, the resource usage might not be a problem - at least not in the soon future.
Yeah, it's true, one reason for the overload is because it isn't optimized to reduce load at all.
(Shouldn't have to on an 'unlimited' server, after all, right?)

And, yes, the main space restriction is the uploaded attachments, which are already over 250mb and growing... Plus another 32mb for the database, and about 64mb for the forum files (partly because I've got some huge .xcf and .psd template files stored alongside the live copies, in case I lose the ones on my local computer.) ... And that's not counting server-stored database backups... daily backup, kept for 30 days... it adds up.
(But, again, with unlimited file space, why not?)

Yeah... I see what you mean about the delays involved in having the web and mysql servers separate... maybe not such a good idea.

I didn't realize VPS servers were so cheap though... I might have to look into getting one instead of what I've got now. With the mysql overage charges, it's $30/mo... twice the price of a VPS, apparently... (Used to be only $11/mo, which was pretty good for unlimited space and bandwidth.)
I really should look for a new host!
Thanks for your post ocalhoun. I am just looking for good paid hosting and I never think about MySql query restriction. This information is come in right moment. Wink

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It's getting huge! 0.o
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