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Mother should leave their job because of their children ...

The mother’s heart is the child’s classroom,” said by Henry Ward Beecher. A child’s learning start from his or her mother. The mother teaches her children the language, morality, difference between right and wrong, manners, behaviors, basic education, emotion and many more things. The mother has no limitation or fixed subject to teach. The main thing is that the mother teaches all these things from her heart. For this reason, these learning takes place in the child’s mind, Not only in the mind but also in the heart. So, the learning can be carried by a child for his rest of the life. A mother also can teach her child nothing, then the child may learn from others but there will be a huge lack of learning. These things the child cannot learn later and he will suffer many times in his lifetime.Now days, mother’s are more involving with jobs and sometime even they cannot get a single moment in the day time for their children. Many parents wake up early in the morning before their kids wake up and they leave home for their job or business. The parent’s give the responsibilities of their child to any of their relatives or to an older house maiden. After work, they come in late afternoon or in the evening. hat time they become very tired because of all day long hard work and they may have wish to give much time of their child but they cannot spend much time properly with their child because of their tiredness. These issues hampered their children in many ways. The children may have no idea of punctuality, self-organization, hamper in physical development and intellectual development. For these reason, I think mother should leave their job for their child’s better development
one of the main components of a person is punctuality and organizing himself. This component develops in the childhood and to develop this component, a mother has a responsibility. Development of this component depends on the family environment, parent’s interaction with their child, family values and many more things. If a child grow with a good environment and family values, then he also know how to keep a good environment or increase family values. If a mother is punctual then she teaches her child punctuality. When she maintains her time properly, the child see and it took place in the child mind permanently. The same things happen to the child when they their parents organized, specially the mother. Nurturing close emotional bond with children will allow parents to enhance a child to motivation to comply with rules and request and it associated with positive long-term outcomes (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2002).
the problem by the children of employed mother is malnutrition and physical problem. It is important for a child to have a good physical development in the early age. If a mother works outside all day long, then she did not able to take care of her child properly. The child takes care by other person who take care the child as his or her responsibility. That time the child suffers in various kind of malnutrition, which causes many physical problems to the child health. That time mother only gets time to take her children to a doctor or in a hospital. The difference between a mother and others is that a mother work for her children from her heart and others do it as their responsibility or for their own benefit. For example, When parents are unable to provide a loving relationship to their children, perhaps due to divorce, job, or death, children may become angry, aggressive, or physically ill (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2002). Next, the mother is like a window of happiness to her child. A child become happy and does many activities when she or he gets his or her mother with him. These activities also help a child to grow a good health and a better physical development. Sometimes mother also helps their child to do physical activities and she may teach them the importance of physical exercise or the importance of good health. All these things help a child to have a good health. On the other hand, If the mother work outside for the whole day, the child feel the necessity of their mother and most of the time he become depressed. For this reason, they become silent, quite and calm day by day. Finally, they started starving which is very harmful for their health. One of the researcher said that if mother spend less time with the infant, this might result in less provision of stimulating activities, talking, holding, or responding sensitively to the child’s needs (Stoppard, 2006).
The problem faced by the children of working mother is lack of intellectual development, which is very important for them. If a child mind do not developed properly in the child age then many problems can happened including weak in education, immature mentality, psychologically stressed. Mother’s job hampered their child’s intellectual and psychological development in many ways because a child mind is like a sponge and absorbs many thinks from the environment and the surroundings and the mother know the best way to make a good environment for their child. A mother help her infants by selecting them what to absorb and what to not. By this process a child mind become matured. That time a child become teenage and a strong personality start to made in himself. Maturity also helps a child to understand the difference between right and wrong. Without positive emotions, such as happiness, feeling secure, and excitement, children will learn and perform more poorly in various activities throughout their grow (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2002). For this reason, those child take more time to become mature. A child of a working mother and a child of non-working mother may be look same but there are lots of difference between them. One of them is a nonworking mother’s child is more knowledgeable and social than a working mother’s child. A mother works as a stimulant to their child and she teaches her child all the basic things of the world. Many statistics showed that an unemployed mothers child do better in the first grade than the any other child. That child also becomes more clever and intellectual than other child does because he or she is more knowledgeable than other child is. Those children also do well in school activities or in classroom activities. For example, those children that were more secure attached to their parents as infants tend to become more independent, empathic, and socially competent. These children also tend to be self-confident, more able to adopt to situation, establish productive relationship, and do well at classroom tasks (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2002). Another thing is that now a day’s many children are suffering in depression and much other psychological disorder. One of the main reasons of this problem is the employment of the mother in the child’s early age. A child found his mother besides him after his birth and become dependent on her. Suddenly, if the mother start a job and cannot give proper time to her child then huge changes take places in the child mind. This can cause various kinds of mental disorders to the child. Another side effect of this problem is the child found himself alone in the house and nobody can free him from this loneliness. Finally, those children became psychologically stressed or depressed. Sometime, for the company of their child, mother leave their child in the day care and some of those children cannot cope up with the other children of the day care. This insecure attachment can lead to increase behavioral problems, slower cognitive development, and emotional instability. However, children with mothers that are warm and expressive tend to be empathetic, show higher social competence and fewer negative social behaviors (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2002). Therefore, mothers teaching and company is very much important for the child psychological and intellectual development.
Many people believe that mother’s employment do not hamper child’s emotional development because they can learn or develop this from others love and affection. Some people also said that emotional development is not necessary for a child because a child can survive without it. However, from my point of view, emotional development is very much important for a child. Without emotional development, a person cannot understand others pain or problem and cannot love others. The U.S department of health and services, 2006 has found that mothers showing low levels of sensitivity to their child likely to have children with an increased risk of insecured behavioral problems and emotional instability. However, children with mothers that are warm and expressive tend to be empathic, show higher social competence, and fewer negative social behaviors (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2002).
On the other hand, children of working mother who cannot give able to give much time to their children, those children has much risk to be an addict. One of the main reasons of drug addiction is depression. When mothers are unable to give proper time to their child and create a secure attachment with their child due to their job, children may become mentally ill. This creates depression inside them, they have no emotion for their mother, and that time they can be the victim of drug addiction. Therefore, emotional Development is one of the main components of child development. By born, a mother is the nearest one to her child and nobody can make as close emotional bond as a mother can. Therefore, only a mother can developed her children’s emotional development properly.
A Suburban mother’s role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by care forever after,” said by Peter De Vries. So, a mother is the main responsible for her children because after giving birth, the mother have to take care of her child for a long time. Another thing is that the mother is the best teacher in the world for her children. Mother’s teaching is very much important to the children’s growth and development. Mother’s knowledge, manners, behaviors, love, emotion, etc. have a great affects on the children’s punctuality, self-organization, physical and intellectual development. Therefore, mother should have a good bonding with her child to teach these things to her child. To create a good bonding between mother and child, mother should give proper time to their children, which is not possible for the employed mother. So working mother should leave their job to give proper time to their child. If the mothers are able to bring up their child properly then in nearest future, we will have a healthy, intelligent and a developed nation.
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