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A Unique Health Program in Bangladesh.

“Poor are poor because they are powerless” said by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed.
According to this quote, poor are powerless and for this reason they are poor. If they have power than they can develop and enrich themselves. Here Brac came to give power to the poor. Now the question is how they give power to the poor. First, they organize people and support them in many ways. When they organized themselves, they automatically become powerful and they started to develop themselves. Brac supports the poor people organization in many ways to develop them. One of the supporting programs of Brac is Brac Health Program.
Last Saturday we visited one of the health programs of Brac in Baniajuri village of Manikgong. There we observe that how Brac organize this health program in a unique way and how this program help poor people in reducing poverty, women empowerment and grow healthy child.
When we reach there, we saw that one SS (Shastho Shebika) sitting in a people organization of Brac and she was teaching how to wash hand properly. Second, she said about the proper sanitation system. She also said how inappropriate sanitation system spreads diseases. Next she checkup a pregnant women and gave some advices. General people of that village said that this program help them in many ways. Now they have good health and they became less sick. Next, we visited the reading glass program under the health program. Brac check their eyes and give them glass only for 150 taka. This process will cost more than 500 taka if they went to manikgong. After that, we saw how Brac help poor people to grow a healthy child. Brac give training to one or more village women and appoint them as a Pusti kormi. These Pusti kormi visit their own village and provide proper nutrition instruction to the newborn babies to 2 years of age. They also give instruction to the mother about their health. Finally I we met with a TB patient. The patient said about his experience with the TB program under the health program of Brac. He said that he was getting free treatment and medicine.
Brac Health Program helps the poor people in many ways and one of them is reduce poverty. Now days, village people are becoming less sick and they can work more for their good health. They can save huge amount of money, which may had to cost after their treatment. They can use this money to develop their selves. Another helping part of this health program is woman empowerment. Brac Health Program train and appoint many village woman, which is a part of woman empowerment. Finally, this program helps the mother to grow a healthy and talent child.
This journey to baniajuri teaches us many things. It gives us the knowledge of unity and how we can do a big thing with our small ability. Thanks Brac for give us a nice opportunity.
BRAC is the world’s largest development organization and is doing tremendous work impacting the lives of millions. BRAC is making a significant contribution to Bangladesh, making huge leaps forward in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.”
- Subinay Nandy, Country Director, China, United Nations Development Programme

According to his quote BRAC is a huge organization which helps millions of poor people who have no opportunity to be educated, get jobs and be cured. It started out in Bangladesh in 1972. Here Health side will be focused. BRAC Health Centers (Shushasthyas) were started in 1995 all over the Bangladesh. Most of these care centers in villages so that people can easily take the advantage of these.
I’m a student of BRAC University and so I get the opportunity to study one semester in Savar Campus known as Residential Semester or TARC. After a couple of weeks we went to see one of the BRAC health care centers at Gourpara in Manikgonj with fifteen members of group. Approximately 1hour later we reached there with a stuff of BRAC.
The stuff took us to a Hindu home; there was a nurse who gave briefing to some villagers. At First, she introduced herself name was Shefali Begum. She is working at BRAC for last 7 months. Beginning of her job, she was trained for 18 days and worked 7 days under a senior nurse. Now 12 workers are working under her.
Shefali focused about three important thinks. Firstly, she mentioned about cleanliness. Keep home clean, put waste in dustbins. Secondly, use healthy sanitation, use bodna and wear sandals before going to toilet and after finish it wash the hands very cleanly. Thirdly, talked about bad effect of Arsenic. Researchers mark the effected tube well as Red and normal as Green. Red marked tube well can be used for bath, washing clothes and green was for drinking and cooking.
After finish the briefing, she introduced us with a patient of TB. He talked with us about his history of TB. He was 55 and suffering it since 1 month. He was under treatment by a nurse of BRAC. He has to take medicine for 6 month without any break. First two months he will take 4FDC medicine and last four months will take 2FDC medicine. Every morning he goes to the nurse’s house home and takes the medicine. Mass of the patient, nurse gives the medicine.
At last, I can say that over all we had a lot of fun and learned some important lessons such as how to keep clean, use of sanitation, about arsenic and a lot. I am very thankful to BRAC to give me the opportunity like this. I humbly wish, BRAC will spread its name all over the world with it’s bless.
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