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Obama ending Oil subsidies??


Well, well, looks like Obama is attempting to do something right during an election year. Bold move, I must say, it is exceptionally risky, as if it does go through (which it probably won't), Americans won't be too happy; pertroleum prices are sure to rise. That said, it is the right choice for the nation, and the world.

Of course, this could be in the realm of “phony election-year promises about lower gas prices,” and go the way of his other plans to better the country and the world… out the window as soon as power was attained. If he holds true to this one, however, there could be great things.

NYTimes wrote:
Mr. Obama’s political advisers are concerned as well, and have indicated privately that Mr. Obama would have a tough time winning re-election if the price at the pump reached or exceeded $5 a gallon.

Oh no!! Not prices comparable to what people pay everywhere else on the planet!!! Nooooo!! Poor, poor beleaguered Americans.

I was in Texas and Arkansas at the beginning of February, and was struck by just how cheap fuel was there... and people were having a fit over the price ($3.41 or so per gallon). I thought fuel prices were pretty comparable there as here until I actually did some unit conversions, and found that prices were so low in the US, that we hadn't seen similar prices in, easily, 5 years. It was about $0.90/L, and Americans were COMPLAINING. Talk about a lack of perspective.
If you're in Canada, you might not know what Obama is up against. Turn on the AM radio or the powerful FOX TV channel and you are already getting a deluge of BS that the high gas prices are Obama's fault ( when of course it has nothing to do with him). Anywhere from 20-30% of the country believes this crap, and believe that up is down and the earth is flat if Rush Limbaugh, FOX or their local talk radio shill (all representing corporate interests like Big Oil) tells them so. So the president takes a big risk when he talks about actually doing the right thing. His supporters are blase, but with his wingnut enemies more feces are thrown than in the monkey cage at the zoo.
Yeah, I'm aware of Obama's opposition, both actual political and in the media and general populace. While I am Canadian, Canadian media covers a lot of American content, and we get plenty of American media direct here, without Canadian filter Razz Add in that my in-laws are from Texas and Arkansas, I have a general idea Razz

With that in mind, I seriously doubt that Obama can get this to happen, even if he really tries. A lot of politicians (particularly the conservative folk) oppose anything he tries on principle of him being him, and a lot are greatly in favour of the oil companies that stand to lose the level of profit they've been enjoying, both within and outside his own party. I can't see this actually having traction.

I can also see this being an election-year stunt. Obama knows it's utterly doomed to fail, but, he may be gambling that the bold move may help recover some of the image he lost during his term as someone who will stand up for what's right ('cause, ya know, that idea went out the window when he was actually in office), once again building on that "hope" train that got him elected. Once re-elected, then it's back to business as usual of doing basically the opposite of what was promised and being opposed on general principle by the opposition Razz
I agree with you in general, and I see that with Texas relatives you must know what I'm referring to.

But there have been new developments lately in terms of Obama being someone "who will stand up for what's right". For example, he ended up looking very good in his dealings concerning birth control in the health care plan. The Republicans/right made a lot of "mistakes" during this issue (the all-male expert panel in Congress which excluded a woman who was supposed to testify, Limbaugh calling the woman "a slut", and during this time Republicans put forward that invasive-ultrasound mandate and other things designed to punish a woman for getting an abortion) which all made Obama and the Dems look very, very good in comparison.

Anyway I agree with you, I think this oil thing is trial balloon and he won't really do it until after he's reelected.
handfleisch wrote:

Anyway I agree with you, I think this oil thing is trial balloon and he won't really do it until after he's reelected.

Unless the election causes a major change in congress, he probably can't do it, no matter if he actually intends to or not.

The oil companies own a LOT of politicians... more Republicans than Democrats, but they do own politicians on both sides... And they want to keep their subsidies.
...And 'high gas prices causing economic downfall' gives them all the faux moral high ground they need.
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