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Workaholics will see skin maintenance maintenance rule

Workaholics will see skin maintenance maintenance rule
step 1 day by day and night, gentle shampoo Yan Pin: washing away sleeping gas, retains moisture facial cleanser you want during the day, and used different evening. Slept one night, although the oily face, there are night horny metabolism after dark sense of Shen, but there's no external dust and dip stick, face is also very clean. Plus, body water evapotranspiration during the night, the skin is actually in a State of thirst in the morning, wash so clean, even the residual moisture away, his face tight dry, but there is no clear, refreshing feeling. ˇˇˇˇSelect the foaming medium, cleaning capacity: gentle facial cleanser.
Step 2 play, light LaTeX is a basic skill. Simply a general washing, cleansing, moisturizing, and turn it into high performance skin care products, maintenance of efficiency will be doubled. ˇˇˇˇ Weekend leisure time, then take the opportunity to apply facial mask, exfoliation, filled with enough muscle power!
Step3, Sun block high coefficient of cool, takes five minutes good colour effect natural BB cream is good push, Cover, Sun block and maintenance functions, effects, casually rub rub before going out soon with a nude makeup as well for color. However some BB cream SPF is not high, it is distressing, available after "high coefficient of fresh Sun", first in the hands of the two mixed evenly, you can get beautiful skin and a high factor sunscreen.
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