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Four magic potatoes

Four magic potatoes
1.Detox bowel movement: potato contains large amounts of dietary fiber, wide intestinal bowel movement, helping the body's excretion of metabolic toxins in a timely manner to prevent constipation, intestinal disease prevention.
2. reducing sugars and fat, beauty beauty: potatoes to supply the human body a great deal of special protective mucus protein, digestive tract, respiratory tract, and bone cavity, lubrication of the serous cavities, prevention of cardiovascular system and fat deposition, maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels, to prevent occurrence of atherosclerosis.
Potato is also a basic vegetable, and acid-base balance in the body, produced after neutralization in vivo metabolism of acid, which has a certain beauty, anti-aging effect;
3. the supplementary nutrition, Lishui xiaozhong: potato is rich in vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, and ease of digestion and absorption, nutrient-rich, countries in Europe and especially North America, potatoes have become the second staple food.
¡¡¡¡Potato rehabilitation in favour of edema in patients with hypertension and nephritis.
4. lose weight buck: potatoes have to lose weight, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, such as sodium and potassium discharge effect, beneficial to the patients with hypertension.
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