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Mass Effect 3


Release Date: 3/6/2012
Platforms: PC, PS3, XB360
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Bioware
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer

The pinnacle of the critically-acclaimed epic action-RPG series has arrived. The galactic war has begun and only Commander Shepard has the power to decide the fate of the galaxy against the evil ancient alien race known as the "Reapers".


Mass Effect 3 will have three pre-set campaign modes: Action Mode, Story Mode, and RPG Mode. In Action Mode, conversations will have automatic replies and a normal combat difficulty. In Story Mode, conversations will have manual replies and a minimal combat difficulty. In RPG Mode, conversations will have manual replies and a normal combat difficulty. This last mode is reflective of the typical Mass Effect series experience. Overall, the RPG elements in the game have been improved over those in Mass Effect 2, with a more detailed leveling up system and increased weapon customization. To level up characters, players will have skills that start along a single path and then eventually splinter into two branches where they can select only one upgrade or the other along a sequence of possibilities. Players will also be able to customize their weapons with different scopes, mods, barrels and ammo types. There will be 25 weapon mods total — five per weapon type — and each of them will have multiple power levels to collect. The game will include mini-games (although planet scanning is unlikely to return) and Hammerhead and Mako missions. To select dialog options, players can use Kinect to speak their choices instead of selecting them with a controller. -Wikipedia


The series' cover system has been improved so players no longer need to slide into cover and then hop over objects. Players will have more options for moving around the battlefield, including a refined sprint capability, combat rolling, and the use of climbable ladders. Players can also blindfire their weapons from covered positions, and have opportunities to shoot selected armor pieces and limbs off enemies. Verbal orders can be issued to move squad mates and use their powers with the use of Kinect. Moving and shooting, a previously "suicidal maneuver" in Mass Effect 2, will finally be a viable option because of a revised melee system. Players will be able to execute formidable punches and attacks, and instant melee kills will be introduced specific to each class; for example, by holding down the melee button, a soldier Shepard will deliver a killing blow with a tech-blade in his/her wrist armor. Actual, round, conventional grenades will also be available.

Mass Effect 3 plans to be the most difficult in the series, with increased artificial intelligence to challenge players and increase the sense of reward. Enemies no longer act as individuals as they did in the previous games, instead fighting and supporting each other in units. Enemies include 15-foot tall Cerberus mechs, assault troopers, and ninja-style shock troops, as well as Reaperized husks of all races and Reaper ships ranging from 500m to 2 km long. Some changes will be made to already-existing class types; for example, Engineers will be able to build turrets.


Mass Effect 3 will offer a multiplayer co-op mode called "Galaxy at War". In the mode, players will be able to play alongside up to three other players in unique missions that can impact the outcome of the single player campaign. Each mission was designed specifically for multiplayer, and will involve taking over enemy strongholds. By completing these missions, players will give themselves a better chance of attaining a perfect ending in the single player campaign; although, they are not necessary to do so. The mode has been compared to Gears of War's horde mode.

Read more at the wiki, there's tons to know about ME3.

Mass Effect 3: What do I have to do exactly to get my galactic readiness to 100%?
i dont like it... the end bad
Man, I'll Not Play the Next Part or any other part. Man, Shepard Died. WTF. Previously I was Playing Prince of Persia 2008 with similiar ending. In that game, the whole Scenario was to bring the Tree of Life back to life and imagine what happened at last, i played and brought the life in the tree and then the Prince Himself cut it down, the game was meaningless
I haven't played the Mass Effect trilogy at all, but damn, it sucks about the quality of the ending. I understand they're adding some downloadable content to address the ending, so, hopefully by the time I get around to playing the trilogy (probably on my June break), it'll have been resolved.
I just started this after playing through Mass Effect 1 and 2 again. I lost my old save files a while back, so I gave it a replay, and I'm glad I did because Garrus died in my original playthrough of ME2.

That said, I'm pretty well-prepared to be disappointed with the ending. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey as they say...
I'm so excited to play this, but I can't run it on my computer since it sucks. I need to build or buy a new computer that is capable of running it. I also am running out of time to play it, since I'm working so many hours a day. I wish I was back in school so that I had tons of time.
And in all honesty, I didn't mind the ending so much. It left a lot of it up for interpretation, at least the ending I got. I played a pretty straight paragon game that time thru, but I'm starting a new renegade game.

That said, I loved Mass Effect 3. I'm kind of a bioware fanboy though, FWIW.
Tuvitor wrote:
I'm kind of a bioware fanboy though, FWIW.

then, i think you like dragon age, too.. I liked it very much..
Loved Dragon Age & DA2. Smile
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