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Media and Society to Ethnic Minority of Bangladesh

First of all I will mention about the role of media. Media has a big part in reducing ethnic minority descrimination. Media can bring out the problems of us infront of general people.
Education: Most of us are illiterate because of poor education system in our area. 30% people of us don’t get the facilities of Education.We didn’t have much money and opportunity for education. Media can publish the education condition of our place. Media can raise fund for construct more school and college in our area. If media do these things, we hope that we will reach in a good position in nearest future and we will able to demand our rights.
Job: In job sector, we always neglected very much for our poor education and ethnicity.We also discriminate for our language. Few people of us are well educated and they got their job after a hard work while general people got their job more easily. Now, media can involve more ethnic minor people in media. Media can allocate sits for us. Media can make drama and movies on our culture and liestyle for introducing our culture and lifestyle to others. News paper can publish a feature page about us which will convince the people.
Human Rights: We are man; we have the same human rights like others. It is sorrowful that in this sector we also face discrimination. 49.39% people of us don’t get proper medical service. 50% people of us don’t get fair price of our agricultural products. Sometimes our land grabs by the powerful people and we are evicted from our place. News paper can publish news about us, television and radio can broadcast various programmes about us. Media can rise agitate with us to protest the discrimination with others.
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